I smashed through Thursday circuit so much, I beat last week’s times and thought I’d missed out a set! A total body strength circuit with cardio bursts that really hit the shoulders and deltoids. A lot of plank variations, lunges knee shoulder raises, resistance band woodchops (up), jump squats, pike slides and medicine ball shuffle press-ups. It’s always a good feeling when you beat circuit times and are able to decrease rest times.



Post workout was a bowl of oatmeal/porridge, honey, Greek yoghurt and berries…yum!



Thursday was a National Holiday, thought the road outside wasn’t as quiet like usual on holidays. I like motorbikes, but hogs at 7am no!

It was my friend birthday party so I had an excuse to dress up a little…always good! No photos as I didn’t know many people and I’m not sure on Vietnamese customs so played it safe. They know I don’t eat meat or fish, so I got all the hot and cold veggie spring rolls for myself..yum! And yes, I can handle chopsticks just fine! I had a great time and they know how to party! Just after the karaoke started (and boy, do they love their karaoke!), I started to get sleepy so said my goodbyes. I had been up late the night before watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. An amazing documentary on how juice fasting can help those who are obese and have obesity related illnesses. Never underestimate the power of fruit, veggies and all stuff green!

Friday’s morning workout was light – Tone It Up’s Beach Babe DVD 2, HIIT The Beach as I was still feeling the party 🙁 I didn’t have much to drink, though I was tired before I went and this had a knock on effect…great! I was really feeling that last round of squat jumps!


The rest of the day was quiet as was the road on my evening run. Not as many runners out as there has been nor many evening beach picnic-ers. A sure sign summer’s nearly over (nooo!). Some of the pavements were a quite slippery from the sand, which added a extra element of keeping pace without skidding! It was a good 6km medium/fast paced run.

Cap d’Antibes

For you all you girls that the that love makeup and skincare, check out YouTube’s Michelle Phan’s new make up line and tutorials. It’s not available in Europe (yet) but makes up for that with how to videos for just about any situation a girl might encounter…office look, girls night out, natural, casual yet glam….. Where was she when I was a teenager?!

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap Use #3 Bathroom cleaner. I loosely followered this concoction and I wasn’t that impressed. I’ll try a 50/50 soap and water solution next time.

Have a great weekend!

How do you act when you find yourself in other cultures dining customs? Do you go with the flow, or stay with what you know?


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    Well I always try something new, as long as it is not spicy, or doesn’t include innards 🙂

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      That sound’s like a good plan! I’m not that keen on spicy food either.

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