How Do You Shampoo?

Today I’m sharing with you some great advice my hairdressers gave me when it comes to applying shampoo that not only saves the amount of shampoo used, but also on water (and the water bill 🙂 ).


I’ve been using Oway shampoos as recommended by my hairdresser to help my fine hair back to healthy. Oway products are natural which means they don’t contain foamy properties most shampoos with SLSs have. They never feel like they’ve covered your entire head and need more. Oway’s one of these. The lady on reception was you’ve just purchased a bottle last month, it should last longer! Explaining I know it’s natural so it doesn’t foam as much, she gave me the following advice.

2 pumps instead of my usual 4 and start at the back of your head in areas or zones until the whole heads covered! One hand/palm has the shampoo pumps in, the other massages it into the roots. 

I usually dunk shampoo on the crown and lather it out. When I get to the back of my head, it’s alway felt like I need more. Her way of applying shampoo works. I’ve been using 2 and bit pumps instead of 4.

The water saving bit? I shower in the morning and wash my hair daily. Fine hair shows grease easily and gets lanky fairly quickly. Sweat from working out daily doesn’t help. To stop the shampoo running out my palm or out my hair before it’s even had a chance to it’s work, turn off the shower while applying it other it’s water doing nothing. Plus this way I can lather the shampoo up properly. One palm to hold the shampoo, the other to lather it out (which I’ve found my left hand’s better for lathering. My mixed handiness coming into play. It’s taking some figuring out as I pump into my left hand, but now need to switch that around so the shampoo’s in my right. New patterns to learn!).  I usually apply it head leaning forward so the product gets more into roots where it’s needed. She also recommend not using super hot water as it can destroy hair cuticles. Keep the water luke warm.

Another tip, another hairdresser gave me when applying conditioner, is to squeeze out excess water with a face cloth before applying for better absorption of the product. This again means I have to turn off the shower. As the mask/conditioner has to be left on for 5-10 minutes this is the perfect opportunity to shave my legs! And yep, I turn off the shower for that too. Smoother shaving as the water’s not washing away shower gel/body soap foam. If you use a safely razor (less plastic waste) you need the lather to prevent cuts, so turning off the shower’s a no brainer. Bonus, the water’s still warm at the end, though I always finish with a cool rinse. Wakes me up, seals pores and hair cuticles and during the colder months the bathroom’s not so cold when I step out.

Another great tip is one I picked up from Michelle Phan. Apply shampoo only to the roots and top half only. When you rinse it out, the shampoo will clean the rest. She also recommend only applying conditioner from the bottom half down to the ends where the hair really needs conditioning. Applying to roots can weight down fine hair and make it look even more lifeless.

How do you shampoo and condition?

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