Sunny Sunday Trails

I’ve finally worked out why I’m not so keen on Monday mornings. It rolls in, I plan my week and I think am I going to get this done in time for work? How? Should have got up earlier to fit this in. Why, didn’t I do that yesterday? Why? Gotta have some fun sometimes!

What Diesel thinks of Mondays.IMG_5774

Saturday I was up early, early enough to see the sunrise. A big ball of pink surrounded in blue. I meant to have done my workout by 9am, but instead spent that time reading magazines that had been piling up, or in my case, taking up space on Zinio. I can’t remember the last time I sat with a cup of coffee, taking time out to read something other than the internet. Workout can waitIMG_5955

Under Mr Aj’s watchful eye, I upped the workout intensity slightly with some easy plyometric moves: dynamic squats and charleston kick lunges Blogilates style sandwiched in-between sandbag swings, spiderman press ups, suspension trainer flys, triceps kickbacks, resistance band staggered rows and mountains climbers. Three times through for 10 reps and 30 seconds for cardio. Plank abs circuit afterward. It was good to be pushing more than of late and ankle did fine.IMG_5964

As the ankle is doing better, I planned 2 weeks worth of workouts. For the past month, I’ve been planning on the day, depending on the ankle and knee. Now it’s getting stronger, I can plan in advance! As soon as I’d finished planning, I had just enough time for a bike ride before helping my friend move apartments. The car was fully loaded and she’s happy in her new place!

Sunday was trail run day! We’d tried to get the to park to bike around it last week, but in the end had to cancel. Normally I don’t have breakfast before morning runs, just a few oat cookies and a cup of coffee. If we run in the park, I do, so as soon as morning jobs and breakfast were done we set off.IMG_5990

As it was warm and sunny, the park was full of fair weather people, finding parking was hard. The French are notoriously bad drivers and their parking is even worse. We had to park in the car park away from the main one (when you’re running it doesn’t matter) and normally people park as you would in a normal car park, drive in or reverse in, lengthways. One side did and the other paralleled parked! For each parallel park, you can fit in 2 cars lengthways! We parked breaking up the parallels, but parallel parking was the theme. When we got back, it was chocca with cars everywhere.

NormalIMG_5987 FrenchIMG_5986

Paul set off to do 8km and I decided to push for 10km. I thought the trails would be busy with walkers as however, once I got past the picnickers, they were virtually empty. The sun was shining, birds singing and hardly anyone around. Just how I like it!IMG_5992IMG_5995IMG_5996IMG_6002

After a mini picnic of snacks post run I decided the climb the tree just because. Paul said ‘pose how they do in the Caribbean (i.e. lie on coconut trees)’. I completely mis interrupted. I wanted to test out my strength!IMG_6018

When we got back we meant to have a quick lunch then start parking boxes for the inevitable soon. Didn’t happen! The breeze was a little too chilly to eat out, so I moved the balcony table inside with the doors open and we had lunch in our very own ‘sun room’. By the time we’d finished up it was nearly 5pm and no boxes packed. Once cleared up we decided to go for a moon light walk along the sea wall and through the old town. Boxes can wait. I often wonder when I walk the ramparts, how many other people for hundred of years have walked these walls and peeked through arrow windows.

Chopstick veggies, grapefruit juice and sparkling water, green tea.IMG_6031 IMG_6045 IMG_6053 IMG_6057After dinner and 2 more The Following episodes, I got locked out of my Topshop account. I hadn’t placed an order for a while and completely forgot my password. After numerous attempts and being too impatient for the replacement by email to arrive, I got locked out! I had to call this morning to get it unlocked. The lady just laughed saying she’s done it many times before herself. Summer’s coming and I’m snapping up their swimwear before it sells out!

Do you forget passwords often and convince yourself it’s the wrong one? Do you prefer paper magazines or prefer them on tablets or your phone? I love paper magazines, but with Zinio, no trees are used and I can take them wherever with out weighing down my bag. Plus subscription is so cheap!




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