Friday At Last

I know everybody’s full of ‘Spring’s coming!’, but it is. In 6 days. The South of France thinks otherwise. 20C today, no winter coat required.

Cherry blossom in the park last weekend. One of the first signs of Spring.IMG_5623

Yesterday was much the same. Sunny skies all day. I had a good morning total body strength workout. The ankle feels stronger, is no longer pulsing and I feel ready to up the intensity slightly. When I starting thinking of the advanced moves during workouts, it’s always as sign I’m ready to amp it up.IMG_5858

I was envious of the cats as they got to sunbathe and sleep. They’d must have had a night on the tiles as they were both tuckered out all day.IMG_5869 IMG_5872

Paul got back from work early and after catching up on gossip we went to Nice. No afternoon bike ride as I had a long ride the day before and we had to make a stop on the way. It was also my first longer motorbike ride of the year. Pick up from work doesn’t count! We caught the rush hour going in, but on a bike you just filter through and park anywhere. Anywhere was next to the water garden they’ve recently opened.IMG_5890 IMG_5892 IMG_5888

Can’t take me anywhere!IMG_5894

I’m into navy skinny jeans at the moment and found cute ones in Pull and Bear. I went in for a pair of navy plimsoles to match grey ones I got last week as they’re really comfortable, my insoles fit them (a big plus) and left with jeans and shoes. Not the first time it’s happened and not the last. It’s been hard to find shoes the insoles fit so I’m taking full advantage of the different colours.

Friday was the house of sleep. My mission at the moment is to see the sun rise or at least see the sun before it changes from pink to yellow. So far I’m I managed a few days. Today I accomplished my mission, though I was so tired, I said just 10 more minutes sleep which ended up being an hour and half! Luckily, no work today. Next week, I don’t think I’ll be up in time to see it as it’ll be rising quite early. Next Thursday 20th March the sun is meant to rise at true East and set at true West. This only happens twice a year at the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes (September 20th). That I do want to see, just to see if it’s true East!IMG_5900My morning run ended up being a midday run as that’s how the day was going. A quicker pace than of late, 6.5km road/off road run in short sleeves and leggings. No winter jacket! It might warmer but I’m not brave enough for shorts just yet. Plus my legs need some colour. Apparently I ran my faster kilometre, 3.49km. I don’t believe it as I was averaging 5.28 the rest of the time. The Nike Running App does this sometimes. Once it said I ran 10km in 17 minutes! It must get confused with other GPS’s.IMG_5908

Paul had a half day and slept when he got back. It’s been a long week for him. I snuck out for a bike ride before grocery shopping. Best buy? A box of mangos. Lots of dehydrated mango slices coming this weekend!IMG_5932 IMG_5934 IMG_5939It takes 16 hours these bad boys to dehydrate, but are completely worth it.IMG_5946

If you use the Nike Running app, do you have problems with it? Is there a better app around? Have a great weekend!

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