Catching Up On Zzzz’s

The past few days Spring’s started to say Hello in the South of France. 19C, sunshine, cherry blossom and lunches al fresco. End of this month Europe put its clocks forward and that only means one thing: Summer’s around the block. Woo Hoo!

This weekend was about catching up on well needed zzzz’s and friends. Osteopath Friday meant I’d crash in the evening, so it was a quiet day with a big Carrefour shop. 24hr no exercise post osteopath ban meant I got out of taking the groceries up 5 flights of stairs. Not that I’m complaining! I’ve noticed my knee plays up slightly the next day after 5 flights of farmers walk stairs. That said, it didn’t like the two 2.5kg bags of cat litter I was allowed to carry up. Hopeless!

‘How much is that doggie in the window?’ Had to double back and check that my eyes weren’t deceiving me. Lucky girl, soaking up the sun.IMG_5501Saturday I was up and out early to catch up with friends and celebrate International Women’s Day with breakfast. Coffee, orange juice and a pain au chocolat. It has to be done every now and then!IMG_5521

Osteopath 24hr workout ban lifted, I did a light workout. No jumping or heavy weights. He says I’m fine to go back to 100%, but the ankle is still trembling/shivering and not 100% (this causes the knee to play up sometimes). Friday a lot of tension and pressure was released from all our walking around in Barcelona. I’ve learnt not to go 100% after the osteopath for few days or a week, however I’m on the look out for a sports doctor in Antibes or Nice. So if you know a good English speaking one, please shout!

Lucky girl for lunch thanks to Paul: glass noodles (I can’t remember their proper name), veggie and ginger sauce lettuce wrap. For fresh air afterwards we took a walk down Cagnes sur Mer promenade. I crashed when I got back to the land of post osteopath sleep repair.IMG_5555 IMG_5562 IMG_5564IMG_5570 IMG_5574

Sunday, I was up for the sunrise only to go back to bed for an hour. I wanted my zzz’s!IMG_5582

In between the last rounds of catch up laundry, planning next weeks classes, I got in a slow pace 7km run (first one of the year in a short sleeved t-shirt. Happy girl!) and a sunset walk in the park exploring different trails. When we got back I gave in again to the land of sleep. Something’s not right or I’m just getting old and need naps.

Sunny skies for 7km
IMG_5597IMG_5627IMG_5625IMG_5632IMG_5640I’m very curious as to where and what happened with the Malaysian air mystery. If there’s one thing worse than knowing the truth, it’s not knowing. I cannot even start to imagine how family and friends of the missing are feeling.

Hope you had a good weekend and ladies, raised a cheer to International Women’s Day. We’re all amazing in our own ways.

Amazing I’m not at ironing fitted sheets. Does anyone know the secret? After years of flat sheets, I switched. They make making the bed easier, but how the F are you meant to fold and iron them?!


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