Project Light: Cute Parakeets

Most of these were taken on the same day in mid January 2022. I think I missed the zoo and didn’t want to go back until it got dark. The light was good, the ducks and parakeets were on the snack hunt and it was warm in the sunshine huddled in layers. Christmas lights while not on were still up looking like spider webs. The light was great for for seeing architecture detail too!

Don’t let the sunny light deceive you, it was cold!

While the geese rule the park, everybody as in the water fowl gets out the way for the white ducks. They’re not afraid to go after any duck, seagull or goose that annoys them.

Everybody gets out the way for the white ducks!

Black headed gulls winter in Barcelona and can be found in Parc de la Ciutadella. As they can take off almost like helicopters they compete for the pan or bread quicker than the ducks. You can see the ducks and geese flinch when they dive around them to get the pan/bread, but will happily if lunge and nip at them if they can. Otherwise they just swim off leaving the humans to feed the seagulls. Black headed gulls are also amazing at catching bread in mid air! I think it’s mostly teenage guys that winter here.

There are a few people who feed the parakeets near the boating lake/pond. Most of them line up waiting in turn for the snacks. Some will eat snacks there while others fly up into the trees. Sometimes if they haven’t been and they’re hungry they’ll do the same if they feel safe waiting on the lake barriers while the ducks are being fed. Some happily take snacks from your hand while others are more shy prefer the bread left on the railing and not watched while they side step up to grab and fly. I’m almost sure as I I cycle by parakeet feeding station people bring tourists to see them!

Parakeet nest
Preening time
Bird trousers/pants are so cute!
Tree Sparrow

Robin! These guys are so elusive here.

Passeig de Colom

Gothic Quarter. Amazing architecture but the alleys or rather apartments inside hardly get any sunshine.

Port Vell

Port Vell 2021 Christmas lights still up but off, glinting in the sun

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