Weekend Friday Favourites

Welcome back to another Weekend Friday Favourites of things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week! 

I hope your week’s going okay. Spring’s saying hello both in its sunny days, slightly warmer temps and its rainy grey day as winter’s whispers it’s see ya laters. I’m just finally used to writing 2022 or 22 and not 2021/21. On third of the year’s already passed! 

Karina More The Marathon Book

I featured in a recent Beauty Finds, Karina More’s 21 day facial massage, facial exercises and postural exercise to help lift the face without botox, fillers or plastic surgery in a way to help Ukraine through skin care. This week she released via Instagram her book The Marathon*. It was meant to be a bound book however the current war in Ukraine has stopped this. She’s offering a PDF format form as little as €1 although I personally think she should have the minimum higher. She said she can’t accept money without offering something in return to help Ukraine. For now it’s purchased in PDF format via Google Drive. I was going to repurchase The Marathon as I wanted to check after a year I’m still doing the exercises correctly. With the book you not only get written explanations and QR Codes for the exercise videos, you get all the science behind how our faces age, how massage works which is also want I was looking for. I’ve downloaded it on my phone, iPad, printed it out as I don’t always want to look at a screen and for sure when it’s physically printed in traditional book format I’ll buy it again! 

*As she’s the biggest Ukrainian influencer she wants to use her platform for the world to see what’s happening in Ukraine so in-between the facial exercises you may see posts of shelling etc.

Kristina Earnest On Demand App

For years at the weekend I’ve religiously done Tone It Up workouts for ideas and a break from my own workouts. The last year I haven’t really liked their new direction or that they’ve hardly released any new workouts. A Reddit rabbit warren lead me to Kristian Earnest, herself a former Tone It Up trainer. Up until January this year the app was free which was great as I don’t always want to pay up front and waste money. However with Kirstina’s workouts no money’s wasted. There’s not fluff, no chit chat, just this is what’s up, lets go. She prefers timed sets, HIITs and Tabata formats with no equipment to dumbbells to kettlebells. Workouts range from as little of 5 minutes to 55 minutes so there’s options for everyone! My app store is the UK (I should switch to Spanish) however prices are the same in most currency, 6.49 for the month or 44,99 for the year which is almost half Tone It Up’s subscription. Her energy’s infectious with music to match. I’ve learned so many new moves from her and actually feel my own fitness teaching style has improved from her workouts. 

Did I mention too that she produces herself every part of the workouts from the class plan, to the recording, to the technical side to the marketing and so much more?

Spring Flowers

It makes me so happy to see cherry blossom start appearing and flowers start budding. Winter’s losing its grip! 


I participate in weekly beach clean ups and am always in awe of the shells I find. This was just within an hour hidden amongst plastic wash up. I say it’s the sea paying me for removing just a tiny fraction of plastic. Sometimes like crystals I can’t believe nature can produce such amazing designs and colours. 

Animal Shelter Ukraine

Sadly animals are now paying the price of war in Ukraine through supply shortages or from shelling. I read on one of the following Instagram animal shelters accounts (I can’t remember which one) that one wildlife sanctuary, 2 carers were killed while checking on animals by shelling. If you wish to help, here are a few shelters you can donate too:

Happy Paw

IG @happy_paw 




IG @unanimals.official 



Shelter Ugolyok

IG @shelter_ugolyok




IG @sirius.shelter


International Animal Protection League:


Shelter Ugolyok rescue and rehabilitates not only cats and dogs, ‘livestock’ too. She did share in one post if people didn’t mind some money donated went to a local orphanage for food. Nobody would mind! Happy Paws work as an umbrella foundation for many shelters throughout Ukraine and are directing funds to the shelters. Uanimals is an animal’s rights organisation again helping shelters and zoos (they’re not for ‘contact zoos’ as per one Instagram post however in war saving animal lives comes first so are helping zoos at the moment). Sirius Shelter is the largest shelter in Ukraine with about 3165 dogs and 218 cats to feed. I found Shelter Ugolyok the easier to donate to via linktr.ee/Ugolyok as it was at the time the only page in English. At the time of posting most now have Linktr in English for easier donations.

Internet Finds

Human Hair Mats Clean Oil Spills Why Don’t Big Companies Use Them? Business Insider YouTube I would participate if I wasn’t saving my hair from the plug (eew) or comb for a wig when I can’t delay those white hairs anymore. I’m serious! I’ll be see I was a red head once. Oh and save up to get a wig made. They cost a small fortune. 

Pharmaceuticals in Rivers Threaten World Health – Study. BBC News. This is why I try to be conscious of what I flush down the drains!

Sunrise Sea Sun Beams

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye this week? Please share in the comments below!


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