Weekend Friday Favourites

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Welcome back to another Weekend Friday Favourites of things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week! 

I hope your week’s going okay. Spring’s saying hello both in its sunny days, slightly warmer temps and its rainy grey day as winter’s whispers it’s see ya laters. I’m just finally used to writing 2022 or 22 and not 2021/21. On third of the year’s already passed! 

Karina More The Marathon Book

I featured in a recent Beauty Finds, Karina More’s 21 day facial massage, facial exercises and postural exercise to help lift the face without botox, fillers or plastic surgery in a way to help Ukraine through skin care. This week she released via Instagram her book The Marathon*. It was meant to be a bound book however the current war in Ukraine has stopped this. She’s offering a PDF format form as little as €1 although I personally think she should have the minimum higher. She said she can’t accept money without offering something in return to help Ukraine. For now it’s purchased in PDF format via Google Drive. I was going to repurchase The Marathon as I wanted to check after a year I’m still doing the exercises correctly. With the book you not only get written explanations and QR Codes for the exercise videos, you get all the science behind how our faces age, how massage works which is also want I was looking for. I’ve downloaded it on my phone, iPad, printed it out as I don’t always want to look at a screen and for sure when it’s physically printed in traditional book format I’ll buy it again! 

*As she’s the biggest Ukrainian influencer she wants to use her platform for the world to see what’s happening in Ukraine so in-between the facial exercises you may see posts of shelling etc.

Kristina Earnest On Demand App

Weekend Friday Favourites

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Welcome back to another Weekend Friday Favourites, where I share what’s caught my eye or made me smile this week! There’s lots to share, so keep on reading to find out!

How to Help Ukraine Animal Shelters

The current situation in Ukraine isn’t anything to smile about. Videos of Ukrainans asking stranded Russian tanks if they want a tow back to Russia, farmers towing away tanks with tractors yes, almost everything else no. 

Many animal shelters are still operating the best they can in Ukraine, however food is running out for the animals. Thanks to Instagram and shared stories I came across Plant Based Treaty which listed the main Ukrainan shelters to donate to: 

Happy Paw

IG @happy_paw 




IG @unanimals.official 



Shelter Ugolyok

IG @shelter_ugolyok




IG @sirius.shelter


International Animal Protection League:


Shelter Ugolyok rescue and rehabilitates not only cats and dogs, ‘livestock’ too. She did share in one post if people didn’t mind some money donated went to a local orphanage for food. Nobody would mind! Happy Paws work as an umbrella foundation for many shelters throughout Ukraine and are directing funds to the shelters. Uanimals is an animal’s rights organisation again helping shelters and zoos (they’re not for ‘contact zoos’ as per one Instagram post however in war saving animal lives comes first so are helping zoos at the moment). Sirius Shelter is the largest shelter in Ukraine with about 3165 dogs and 218 cats to feed. I found Shelter Ugolyok the easier to donate to via linktr.ee/Ugolyok as it was at the time the only page in English. At the time of posting most now have Linktr in English for easier donations.

More Birds

I’m not a bird photographer! I can’t post zoo photos as the zoo owns the image so to speak (that’s if you make money from the photos). Birds however are free and I can take photos of birds! Magpies have a mischievous nothing to see air about them that always makes me laugh.


Business Insider

This channel’s taking me all over the globe visiting traditional arts and crafts recently. From Vietnam to Indonesia to South America to North Africa from printing to weaving to pottery to soap making to incense to perfume. Three recent videos that have stuck with me:

Why is rattan so expensive. I never knew that wicker is a type of weaving not the material.

Weekend Recap, Burpees and Zara

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My nearest supermarket if you include the lift is a 5 minute bike ride away. Perfect, except for one thing. It’s in a centre commercial/shopping centre/mall with a massive recently refurbished Zara. I’ve given up saying no, don’t go in. I end up looking around, though I can quite happily pass Zara’s in the centre and not going in. I didn’t want to be late back last night and said to myself, just return a jacket in H&M, grocery shop and go. But I walked past Zara and they have the new collection in. If you’re like me and getting a little fed up of jumpers, winter coats and scarves, of course you’re going to take a peek at lighter layers.

9/10 out of 10, I just look and if you’re 5’5”1/2 and under take a trip around the kids section. You’ll be surprised what you can find there once you get past the pink (and it’s cheaper). There are some good basics to be found and don’t forget the boys section either. Look around all departments! One of my friends likes to get hoodies from the guys section in H&M. I find jackets and coats fit a little better from the kids section, though I often pass them up as the sleeves are at times a tad short. I have trouble finding jackets that fit or suit me. My shoulders are wide, I was in the up top queue, not the bum queue, but am still straight up and down, petite with the shortest legs for someone of my height. In other words clothes can drown me, if I’m not careful. Winter coats are easier to find, but jackets can look boxy and matronly. And like buses that come in 3’s so do jackets. I actually found 2 that fit, don’t look boxy, look chic, two completely different styles I can’t decide between. One Zara Woman and one from the kids department! I have 28 days to decide and just made the supermarket in time for an express run around before it closing. I like to cut it fine!

I hope you had a great weekend! Friday night, I actually went out! Say what?! I popped by my osteopath who was celebrating her clinic’s 2 year opening. Saturday, I had good intentions to get up and out, but made the mistake of reading in bed with a coffee for just ’10 minutes’. I fell back to sleep! When I did get  to the gym it was heaven. Just a handful of people, the quietest I’ve ever seen it. I resisted running a lap in celebration and having space to burpee in. Not that I liked Saturday’s burpees. I usually skip full burpees with a press up, for just a regular squat thrust, a 45 degree squat thrust, lateral plank jump left and right or a plank jack in. In preparation for the Spartan Race in September, I’m adding full burpees to my training. 30 full burpees are the forfeit if you don’t do a obstacle. I’m sure I’ll come to like full burpees. Eventually.

Hawaii was the theme Saturday evening. After a quick peek around the shops, taking advantage of Sephora’s 20% off day (it helped get over full burpees), I caught up on Hawaii Five-0. When I’m tired and watch TV, I just want to watch something and not have to think about it. Hawaii Five-0 does just that! Sunday run

Sunday, a quiet day. 12km run up the coast. Perfect running weather. Not to cold, not to warm, overcast. My cough was fine, until I stopped for water. That wasn’t a pretty sight. It’s nearly gone, but if I talk too long, like I did with my Mum later, my voice goes! I had planned to visit the newly opened Cultural Museum of the World that afternoon, but I wasn’t feeling being stuck inside, so opted for the zoo. I don’t often go at the weekends as there can be too many kids for me. I recently learnt that after the official closing time, there’s a 15-20 minute wait for everyone to exit. I just made it before ticket office closing and took advantage of families taking their time leaving with the the extra 15 minutes. Cycling back I stopped off by the car wash to give my bike a quick rinse. Want to degrease a bike chain the easy way? Blast it with a high powered hose!Hold your head high! Flamingo bcn zooGazelle, bcn zooA flamingo and a cat

Reverse sunsetReverse Sunset cycling back. SundaySqueaky clean!

Do you like training in a full gym or empty gym? Ladies, do you shop the whole shop?

Weekend Favourites

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I hope you’re having a great second to last weekend of the year and if you celebrate Christmas, enjoying the magic and excitement that comes with it. You don’t have to be a kid to get caught up in some of it! I can’t believe 2015 is just around the corner. It’ll take me at least until the end of January to stop writing 2014!

Christmas magic in the El Borne, Barcelona

You know those days where there’s no fighting it. One where you just have to go with the flow, throw your hands in the air and give up. That was Thursday. I didn’t hear my alarm, broke my favourite coffee mug, broke a favourite bracelet and to top it off, my bike seat got stolen. Straight cut to the lock and bam, a free bike seat for their fix. Fortunetely it wasn’t the bike itself. If it had been, my mother would have washed my mouth out with disinfectant. The upside of the day, a great workout and the most beautiful sunset in a long time. Normally I don’t catch them and this one cost me my seat, but those colours! The reverse effect over the sea caused everything to turn a reddish pink colour kinda how I imagine Mars to be. Truly magical!

Friday, up and out early for the Osteopath. A quick 30 minute Yogaglo class and 30 minute run. No idea on distance as I still haven’t found or looked for another running app after Nike died on me. I think about 6.5/7km along the beaches. I’m making an effort to pick my knees more up in an attempt for my runs to be more efficient. When I remember I defiantly notice the difference. The remembering to keep it up is the tricky part! After my appointment, I felt fine for about 5 hours and then my whole body started screaming, how it does after a long hard run, or training when you had little time to stretch afterwards aka DOMS. It was so intense I took bath later that evening when I could take it no more to sooth the soreness. It worked, but then so did the bath’s relaxing effect and there was no fighting sleep. I must have slept for 10 hours and woke to just some shoulder soreness.

Morning run, Friday

Anyways, this weeks Weekend Favourites!

Pot Plant


I’m in the process of sprucing up my office or rather my part of the spare room to a place I want to work in. I love plants, they clean the air and this one adds some much needed colour and aliveabilty to the room.

Thursday’s Sunset

It cost me my bike seat, but those colours!

Silver Wishbone Ring

I promised myself after I’d passed my PT/Gym course a well done present. Jewellery’s always a good present to treat yourself with! I found this wishbone ring in one of the many boutiques in El Borne.

Alterna Bamboo Abundant Volume Shampoo

I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m making an effort with my hair. I’m a wash, air dry and go kinda girl. This shampoo with a bit of magic from bobby pins as seen here step 4 really does give my fine hair volume. I leave the pins in while I’m getting ready and take them out before leaving. By the time I’ve cycled to the gym, it’s got umph. I would love to say it looks as great after my workout, but sadly I haven’t got time to wash it after the gym, hence before and and slightly bouncy hair after.

Soi Dog

I completly forgot to add Soi Dog to the Animal Rescue post. Based in Thailand Soi Dog, work at rescuing dogs off Thai streets and from illegal dog meat trade. They also work along side the Thai authorities cracking down on the illegal dog and cat meat trade. Most dogs and cats are available for international adoption.

Sony World Photography Awards 2014 Open Competition2015-sony-world-photography-awards-orangutan-rain-andrew-suryono

What’s not to love about this! You can read how Andrew Suryono took the shot here.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!

Instagram @tanjnat

Sony Photo of the year award image taken from cnn


Animal Rescue and Gym Etiquette

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I was a happy camper at the gym yesterday. Normally at least twice I have to move my set up to accommodate the wannabe cross fitters (seriously, does the whole gym have to know you’re holding your barbell snatch? If you are going to let everyone know, at least add some more kilo’s to it. You know you can), or those oblivious that they might get whacked in the head.

I hear you rolling your eyes. ‘Come on! That’s nothing!’, but every time I go, I’m the who one moves, so others can get their workout in without interruption. Why move? Every trainer knows you need to hazardous free enviroment as possible to work in. That includes other gym users unaware of the concept of space. I’ve tried holding my ground, it’s too close for comfort. You give them an inch, they take a metre. So yesterday, I had nearly the free run of the ‘functional’ training zone. I don’t often rant here, but it’s been bugging me for a while. I should drop it, or maybe ‘drop’ 8kg on their foot. And while we’re at it, don’t get me started on those who leave barbells out on the floor and don’t put them or other material back. Not many people actually look they’re going or at the floor. Would they leave things strewn out at home? Probably.

Oh, ‘Tis the season for being thankful! Now that’s off my chest, now to what I really wanted to share. A lot of you know animal shelters have their work cut out for them. It’s hard emotional work. Some shelters in Ukraine volunteers (Harmony Fund) refuse to evacuate to look after the dogs and cats. There’s happiness when animals are adopted and despair when they don’t. I used to volunteer in an animal shelter and it was always the older and cabin fever dogs that got overlooked. Walkies time, they’re were completely different loving, fun beings, but how can you explain that, when it’s not visually apparent and they want puppy, kitten or French bulldog? Oh, I’m on one today! I would love to volunteer again, but (yep a but) the nearest is too far away at the moment. And this was meant to be light hearted today! Anyways, if you have a few mintues please check out these amazing animal rescue, charity and shelters:


Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team. They take on board dogs, cats about to be euthanised in kill shelters, animals rescued from abusive situations or need urgent relocation to non kill shelters all over the USA.

Hope for Paws

Just one of many amazing animal rescues teams out there. Hope for Paws works in the Los Angeles area rescuing dogs and cats off the streets. Many are abandoned by owners and it’s these guys with hamburgers at the ready, go out there, catch them, fix them up and find homes. Some advice when watching their YouTube channel, have tissues on standby.


So many armed forces on tour even though it’s prohibited befriend and look after local dogs and cats. When the’s tours up, it’s hard to leave behind something that’s kept you going, comforted you in dark times. Run by a former British solider Nowzad based  in Afghanistan, helps reunited those furry creatures with their ‘humans’ back in the UK and USA. They also set up Afghanistan’s first official animal shelter in Kabul.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

How can I not include one of the most infamous animal shelters out there! Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has been taking in and rehoming cats and dogs since 1860. Queen Victoria was it’s first royal patron and even Charles Dickens wrote about it. They now have 3 shelters located in London and South UK providing shelter to over 400 dogs and 250 cats at any one time. On average they take in 13 dogs and 8 cats every day. To run the shelter costs on average £18.4 million a year and they rely on donations alone!

The RSPCA, The Dogs Trust, Cats Protection, Guide Dogs, The Blue Cross, The Humane Society, their International counterparts, therapy dog and cat charities and organisations, all the local animal rescue and shelter organisations do such amazing work looking out and after the creatures we share our planet with. Winter’s a hard time for many shelters. They’re always in need of blankets, food, collars, lead/leashes. brushes, medicine, cat scratchers, volunteers, fundraisers, hay and boxes for abandoned guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and another animal they take in. So now’s the perfect time to donate some unwanted blankets!

Just over 9 years ago after we first moved to Spain, we (I) decided Mr AJ needed a friend. He was missing his next door neighbours cat he used to have nights out with. We went to what we thought was the local shelter and this little 1 year old wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept pawing at me, head butting me and when I scoped him up for hug, my fate was sealed. I became Diesel’s human. I’m mean can you resist that (insert awe, cutey voice) that littl’ face?!IMG_9967

What’s your number one gym etiquette rule/no no? I’ll add no riding the bikes in just your swimming trucks/speedos. That was a sight I didn’t wish to see the other day. There wasn’t even a towel between the seat and those trunks. What animals organisations do you support? Adopt don’t buy!