Weekend Recap, Burpees and Zara

My nearest supermarket if you include the lift is a 5 minute bike ride away. Perfect, except for one thing. It’s in a centre commercial/shopping centre/mall with a massive recently refurbished Zara. I’ve given up saying no, don’t go in. I end up looking around, though I can quite happily pass Zara’s in the centre and not going in. I didn’t want to be late back last night and said to myself, just return a jacket in H&M, grocery shop and go. But I walked past Zara and they have the new collection in. If you’re like me and getting a little fed up of jumpers, winter coats and scarves, of course you’re going to take a peek at lighter layers.

9/10 out of 10, I just look and if you’re 5’5”1/2 and under take a trip around the kids section. You’ll be surprised what you can find there once you get past the pink (and it’s cheaper). There are some good basics to be found and don’t forget the boys section either. Look around all departments! One of my friends likes to get hoodies from the guys section in H&M. I find jackets and coats fit a little better from the kids section, though I often pass them up as the sleeves are at times a tad short. I have trouble finding jackets that fit or suit me. My shoulders are wide, I was in the up top queue, not the bum queue, but am still straight up and down, petite with the shortest legs for someone of my height. In other words clothes can drown me, if I’m not careful. Winter coats are easier to find, but jackets can look boxy and matronly. And like buses that come in 3’s so do jackets. I actually found 2 that fit, don’t look boxy, look chic, two completely different styles I can’t decide between. One Zara Woman and one from the kids department! I have 28 days to decide and just made the supermarket in time for an express run around before it closing. I like to cut it fine!

I hope you had a great weekend! Friday night, I actually went out! Say what?! I popped by my osteopath who was celebrating her clinic’s 2 year opening. Saturday, I had good intentions to get up and out, but made the mistake of reading in bed with a coffee for just ’10 minutes’. I fell back to sleep! When I did get  to the gym it was heaven. Just a handful of people, the quietest I’ve ever seen it. I resisted running a lap in celebration and having space to burpee in. Not that I liked Saturday’s burpees. I usually skip full burpees with a press up, for just a regular squat thrust, a 45 degree squat thrust, lateral plank jump left and right or a plank jack in. In preparation for the Spartan Race in September, I’m adding full burpees to my training. 30 full burpees are the forfeit if you don’t do a obstacle. I’m sure I’ll come to like full burpees. Eventually.

Hawaii was the theme Saturday evening. After a quick peek around the shops, taking advantage of Sephora’s 20% off day (it helped get over full burpees), I caught up on Hawaii Five-0. When I’m tired and watch TV, I just want to watch something and not have to think about it. Hawaii Five-0 does just that! Sunday run

Sunday, a quiet day. 12km run up the coast. Perfect running weather. Not to cold, not to warm, overcast. My cough was fine, until I stopped for water. That wasn’t a pretty sight. It’s nearly gone, but if I talk too long, like I did with my Mum later, my voice goes! I had planned to visit the newly opened Cultural Museum of the World that afternoon, but I wasn’t feeling being stuck inside, so opted for the zoo. I don’t often go at the weekends as there can be too many kids for me. I recently learnt that after the official closing time, there’s a 15-20 minute wait for everyone to exit. I just made it before ticket office closing and took advantage of families taking their time leaving with the the extra 15 minutes. Cycling back I stopped off by the car wash to give my bike a quick rinse. Want to degrease a bike chain the easy way? Blast it with a high powered hose!Hold your head high! Flamingo bcn zooGazelle, bcn zooA flamingo and a cat

Reverse sunsetReverse Sunset cycling back. SundaySqueaky clean!

Do you like training in a full gym or empty gym? Ladies, do you shop the whole shop?


  1. Wow, Natalie, you are a very clever shopper.
    I can see how the zoo would be a retreat for you. So great to see the animals so healthy looking. The birds have so much space.
    Speaking of space, I much prefer an empty gym! 🙂

    1. says:

      Empty gym any day!

      My mum says shopping’s my hobby. I see it as modern day hunting. We don’t need to forage of food anymore, yet the instinct to hunt, forage in still in us. That’s my excuse and like most hunts, I come away empty handed!

  2. says:

    Ohhhh Zara. There is a location near my old job and I had to pass it on the way to catch my train. I would always speed up pass the window display and try not to look or it could be deadly. Love their classic pieces. Happy Shopping!
    Love your zoo photos.

    1. says:

      Thank you! Zara can be fatal. I try to look and not touch!

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