Port Adventura Caribe Aquatic Park, Salou and the Zoo

I hope you had a great weekend and for any American followers a happy long weekend!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Paul’s for here for a few more weeks, so this past Saturday, we played being big kids at Porta Adventura’s Caribe Aquatic Park for the afternoon! Literally big kids. Continue reading “Port Adventura Caribe Aquatic Park, Salou and the Zoo”

Me Encanta Verano


Summer temps are here to stay! I was beginning to think the weather apps were giving false hope. Everyday they’d say in 3 days 26C plus, only for when that day to come 22C. 22C’s not be sniffed at, but I’m the type of gal who loves hot weather. Very rarely will Continue reading “Me Encanta Verano”

Weekend Friday Favourites

There’s something about Fridays. No other days holds the air of excitement like a Friday. The week’s finished and if you’re lucky you have 2 days free!

This weekend will be a little sad. I’m saying see you later to one of my few friends I have in Barcelona as she’s moving  back to Germany. We don’t see each other as much as we used to, but it’s one of those friendships where you don’t see each other for ages and pick up where you left off. I’m happy sad for her. Happy as she’s returning back to Germany which she’s wanted for a long time. Sad as I’ll miss her!

Anyways, , Friday Favourites nearly on a Friday for once! Things that have been making smile this week or have caught my eye.

Fabletics ES/Spain Summer Selfie Winner!Fabletics Es Summer Selfie Winner

Monday afternoon I received a big surprise. I’d been selected as one of 3 Fabletics ES Instgram winners as part of their Summer Selfie campaign! The rules where show off your Fabletics attire training and you win a free outfit! They didn’t mind I use Fabletics UK with my mum forwarding parcels on due to only bring able to order in Spain with a Spanish card (I have one, but it’s strictly for utilities). They even credited enough to cover shipping when I choose my outfit! It was a great way to start the week! Thank you Fabletics ES!Running Stairs

TRX squat to shoulder flys and cross body mountain climbers

TRX squat to flys really felt like they opened my back and shoulders this week. From a squat position holding the TRX handles facing in with arms slightly bend, jump out wide to a sumo squat taking the arms wide (keeping shoulders shoulders down, chest open and abs in!) and then jump back in. I think I grew a few centimetres afterwards! (I know I’ve seen them somewhere for a link but I can’t find it!)

Similar to regular mountains climbers, cross body mountains climbers you take or sweep opposite knee to elbow. These burn! I always feel them in my abductors, shoulders, obliques and core!Cross body mountain climbers

Thursday Reverse SunsetReverse Sunset August

Taken after the thunderstorm and rainbows

Geese Park CiutadellaGeese, Parc CiutadellaGeese, Parc CiutadellaGeese, Parc Ciutadella

Usually after training clients in the park, I take a little bike tour of the park. I always seem to end up by the boating pond. Something scared these guys and they were off!

The Lion and Hyena Whisper

Not even my boys great me like this!

Zara Home Palm Tree CoastersZara Home Palm Tree CoastersZara Home Palm Tree Coasters

Like I need an excuse to go into Zara Home, these caught my eye while I was looking for some thing for my friends baby due soon. It’s always a fail keeping hands in pockets so I don’t touch and end up buying something. So maybe I do need an excuse! Unfortunately I think I picked up a dud pair. There are meant to be 4 different designs after realising 2 were the same after I ‘used’ one and checked their website. B*gger. Still I like them, however after checking their website they have some more tropical ones with birds on that have caught my eye. Well, you need a few coasters in every room right?

Men In Black Safety Defenders Air New Zealand Air Safety Video

Cheesy but fun! The All Blacks team up with Air New Zealand to demonstrate the usual air safety demo you can usually just see. But wait, did I?

AJ and DD and his KickerooAJ keeping cool on the balcony

D couldn’t wait for his new Kong Kickeroo’s packaging to be removed and Mr Aj’s been cooling off on the balcony.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!

Cross body mountain climber image taken from Google images.


Weekend Recap, Burpees and Zara

My nearest supermarket if you include the lift is a 5 minute bike ride away. Perfect, except for one thing. It’s in a centre commercial/shopping centre/mall with a massive recently refurbished Zara. I’ve given up saying no, don’t go in. I end up looking around, though I can quite happily pass Zara’s in the centre and not going in. I didn’t want to be late back last night and said to myself, just return a jacket in H&M, grocery shop and go. But I walked past Zara and they have the new collection in. If you’re like me and getting a little fed up of jumpers, winter coats and scarves, of course you’re going to take a peek at lighter layers.

9/10 out of 10, I just look and if you’re 5’5”1/2 and under take a trip around the kids section. You’ll be surprised what you can find there once you get past the pink (and it’s cheaper). There are some good basics to be found and don’t forget the boys section either. Look around all departments! One of my friends likes to get hoodies from the guys section in H&M. I find jackets and coats fit a little better from the kids section, though I often pass them up as the sleeves are at times a tad short. I have trouble finding jackets that fit or suit me. My shoulders are wide, I was in the up top queue, not the bum queue, but am still straight up and down, petite with the shortest legs for someone of my height. In other words clothes can drown me, if I’m not careful. Winter coats are easier to find, but jackets can look boxy and matronly. And like buses that come in 3’s so do jackets. I actually found 2 that fit, don’t look boxy, look chic, two completely different styles I can’t decide between. One Zara Woman and one from the kids department! I have 28 days to decide and just made the supermarket in time for an express run around before it closing. I like to cut it fine!

I hope you had a great weekend! Friday night, I actually went out! Say what?! I popped by my osteopath who was celebrating her clinic’s 2 year opening. Saturday, I had good intentions to get up and out, but made the mistake of reading in bed with a coffee for just ’10 minutes’. I fell back to sleep! When I did get  to the gym it was heaven. Just a handful of people, the quietest I’ve ever seen it. I resisted running a lap in celebration and having space to burpee in. Not that I liked Saturday’s burpees. I usually skip full burpees with a press up, for just a regular squat thrust, a 45 degree squat thrust, lateral plank jump left and right or a plank jack in. In preparation for the Spartan Race in September, I’m adding full burpees to my training. 30 full burpees are the forfeit if you don’t do a obstacle. I’m sure I’ll come to like full burpees. Eventually.

Hawaii was the theme Saturday evening. After a quick peek around the shops, taking advantage of Sephora’s 20% off day (it helped get over full burpees), I caught up on Hawaii Five-0. When I’m tired and watch TV, I just want to watch something and not have to think about it. Hawaii Five-0 does just that! Sunday run

Sunday, a quiet day. 12km run up the coast. Perfect running weather. Not to cold, not to warm, overcast. My cough was fine, until I stopped for water. That wasn’t a pretty sight. It’s nearly gone, but if I talk too long, like I did with my Mum later, my voice goes! I had planned to visit the newly opened Cultural Museum of the World that afternoon, but I wasn’t feeling being stuck inside, so opted for the zoo. I don’t often go at the weekends as there can be too many kids for me. I recently learnt that after the official closing time, there’s a 15-20 minute wait for everyone to exit. I just made it before ticket office closing and took advantage of families taking their time leaving with the the extra 15 minutes. Cycling back I stopped off by the car wash to give my bike a quick rinse. Want to degrease a bike chain the easy way? Blast it with a high powered hose!Hold your head high! Flamingo bcn zooGazelle, bcn zooA flamingo and a cat

Reverse sunsetReverse Sunset cycling back. SundaySqueaky clean!

Do you like training in a full gym or empty gym? Ladies, do you shop the whole shop?

‘Tis The Season

It’s finally jumper (sweater for non Brits) season in Barcelona! Daylight saving ended Sunday and it’s like switch had been flicked. Saturday it was just warm enough until around 5pm for beach siestas. Sunday, only the brave and pigeons were out taking them. Yesterday as I cycled along the beaches around 4pm, they were virtually empty. A sure sign it’s now autumn. IMG_8587

Summer will always be my favourite season however, I’m relived it’s now cooler. I feel cooler months are more productive without the heat to contend with. This week is my last week of theory study and coursework before my practical gym assessment in 3 weeks. With the last two units due in this week, most of my weekend was spent completing them (thank you to Paul for my lunches and dinners!). I did get workouts in and venture out for bike rides, a run and black skinny jeans hunting.

Last day of Daylight saving or British Summer Time as I/British call it. I can never get my head around the ‘summer’ part. IMG_1159

14.km run Sunday along the beaches the other way looking back to Barcelona.IMG_8512Bike ride along the beaches the other way. Sunset over Montjuic from W hotel Sunday.


Aj eying up my mat. We’re still debating whose mat it is. A great workout yesterday. To imitate reverse lunges on a Pilates reformer, I used slides or in my case cut up pillow cases. A simple change that fired up the legs! IMG_1311And black skinny jeans. I’m still searching! It’s hard to find a pair that isn’t high waisted, up to my armpits or requires the hem taken up. I’m 5’5/165.1cm, more torso than leg and stick to 30/29″ leg which is hard to find here. I can get the hem taken up, but I find with skinny jeans the shape is in the original hem as it accommodates the knee. Tops especially tank tops that aren’t cropped, for the coming party season, voluminous (more humungous than voluminous) or require high waisted jeans are proving tricky to find too. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places! If you know a great brand that has black skinny jeans for petites or have shorter legs lengths, please shout!

What’s your view on high waisted jeans? Are they a yay or nay?! Have you tired cloths or paper plates as a slides?