Change of Scenery.

I needed a little change of scenery today. I didn’t fancy a trip to Nice looking at winter clothes when it’s 32/90 degrees out. Nor did I want to be stuck on public transport and miss being outside. I think this has something to with being British and not growing up with hot summers. I went instead for a nature fix…trail biking in the local National park. The place was full of cicadas/crickets (They sound the same to me!), massive dragonflies, lots of runners, mostly female I might add which is always great to see and a green woodpecker. This route reminds me a lot of the trails near Nantahala Outdoor Centre in NC, USA. That was some holiday we had…a crazy two week Deep South road trip!  A big eye opener too.

This mornings workout was a killer! A strength/HITT circuit, 7 moves with little or no rest in-between sets. Smashed through it and enjoyed my oatmeal/porridge with raspberries and blueberries breakfast afterwards.

Fuel, train, smile. refuel, go about your day.
Fuel, train, smile. refuel, go about your day.

Lately, I’ve been tweaking the banana oat cookies I have for pre/post workouts and runs. I usually add vanilla essence and chopped almonds for more texture and flavour. For the past couple of batches I’ve added a teaspoon of maca powder. Loaded with protein, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids, Peruvian warriors used it for thousands of years to increase their strength and endurance. I find it makes the cookies fuller and chewier. I feel a little more energised, but that could be the Cafe Americano I also have pre training! It’s quite amazing how many of the origins of much of our everyday fruit and vegetables and all those superfoods are from South America. It’s a pity we as human kind are gradually destroying the forests of South America. They’ve still got so many secrets to tell us.

We got this brand from Holland and Barrett when last in the UK.

My lunch was something too! Last night I made too much salad and kept the remainder for today. It wasn’t that spicy last night and today, wow…flavour hit! I heated a wholemeal wrap and hey presto, an easy healthy lunch!

Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors when it’s hot? What’s your pre training snack?

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