Weekend Friday Favourites. 24.6.22

Happy Summer!

How’s your weekend going?!The weekend started early here as today’s festivo, St Juan! The night before until sunrise Spain goes loco with fireworks, crackers and special coco cake on the beach. I don’t go anymore. If you’re not drinking it’s not much fun. I watch some fireworks and somehow manage to sleep through it all. 

Anyway, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye recently. It’s a long one as I’ve missed a few weeks. 


I’m back as much as possible as time and the sea allows in my summer world! The sea bed changed this year in the storms. It’s switched from rocky to sandy. I explained more in a recently post Under The Mediterranean Sea June 2022 Changes. There aren’t as many fish and I could change beaches but I’m just happy to be in the water. 


My favourite stone fruit, nectarine is in season! That makes me a happy girl!

Primavera Sound Lights

I like/hate Primavera Sound in Barcelona. Think Coachella of Cataluyna. I like it as it brings money needed to the city. More so as it’s the first one held in 2 years. Almost every week there are shops closing in the centre and in my local mall. Without the tourists some shops just don’t survive. The tourists though this year are too many and it’s not even peak season. I’m avoiding the centre as much as possible unless it’s early in the week.  I don’t like Primavera Sound as if you live nearby its so much noise pollution all through the night for 3 days straight until 06.00. Then almost every weekend throughout the summer there’s more concerts. This year they positioned the stages (it’s tripled in size this year!) so the sound didn’t travel as much inland. Until it officially started the public had its regular access to the port and park. After the start access is blocked unless from the port main entrance. Until then you can pass through and get to enjoy the lights before the access is blocked once again! 

Painted Woolly Mammoth Feet

I’m not sure if this is still the original mammoth or it’s a replica of the original mammoth in Parc de la Ciutatdella from the Universal Exposition 1888 (a little research it’s the original, she’ s called Júlia and she’s not from the 1888 exposition but from 1906 when the park was to be an exhibition of extinct animals. She was the only statue to be built.). Everybody’s free to climb on the trunk and chalk paint her nails. 

Plane Tree Blossom

I don’t like planes trees much as in early spring the furry seeds aggregate my allergies, however the yellow blossom carpets are pretty. I also don’t get plane trees. They seed before they flower.

Flamingo Chicks at Barcelona Zoo

Ugly duckling was made for flamingo chicks

Sharma Climbing Barcelona 

My climbing gym is expanding! After opening gyms in Madrid and Gava, the original Sharma Climbing gym is getting a makeover! All the existing walls, the wood has been replaced and the gym itself is going to be about over double its existing size! 

Balcony Grown Kale and Radishes

This week I harvested the first round of balcony kale and radishes! Out of all the seedlings I planted over Easter, only the kale and radish took. The radishes I spaced too close together hence little tubes. Tiny but pack a punch. 


Bakery Shop Window

View From The Rooftop Cafe El Corte Ingles 

Looking for a new mochilla/packback/rucksack lead me to the top floor of El Corte Ingles Portal de l’Àngel. I wasn’t expecting views overlooking the city! 

Who Actually Controls Gas Prices. Climate Town

One of my favourite YouTube channels about climate change new video explaining who exactly is in charge of setting oil prices. Everybody and nobody is. 

How Military Dogs Are Trained. Business Insider

How army dogs are trained! I have a soft spot for dogs that look they dipped their noses in paint. 

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye recently? Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by! 

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