There Was Only Meant To Be 10

I’ve spent the better part of today arguing with Apple’s iCloud. After too many unsuccessful tries of entering the correct password, my account’s been deactivated. Emails sent to retrieve my password aren’t coming through. My DOB doesn’t match their records. I waited 8 hours (the minimum amount of time iCloud account is deactivated for) to get told it all again. Now I have to book up a Genius Bar visit. So kinda like how you doodle while on hold, here’s 10 random things about me.

If you asked me when I was growing up what I wanted to be, I would have said, actress, tv show host, window dresser, artist, graphic designer, vet. It changed so much and never had direction because I knew very early on, I wasn’t going to stay in the UK. I just didn’t know the how’s and where’s. I used to pour over my Mums nature, wonders and mysteries of the world books she’d pick up from jumble sales (pre internet days) fascinated by all these different places. I come from more or less rural England, where travel isn’t something that’s done. Thanks to Paul’s job I’ve been able to. I also knew I’d spend it mostly alone (again thanks to Paul’s job I do).

Exploring Monaco’s Palace
Monaco 2013

Wherever I am in world, it feels completely normal. It might sound blase, but it’s true. There are moments when I have to pinch myself am I really here, is this really happening? Saying that, going back the UK confuses me sometimes. I can understand everything, speak the language but can’t relate much anymore.

Pyrenees 2014Pyrenees 2014

I wanted to be Indiana Jones when I was little. I also used to get muddled up between Hans Solo and Indiana Jones. They both looked alike.

I used to love bananas. Now I run a mile from them unless they’re cooked in oat cookies.Oat cookies

I always thought I have dogs not cats as growing up we had dogs. Mr AJ was adopted from a colleague in London. Her cat had just had kittens and wanted to know if I wanted one. I wasn’t sure, and I’m glad I said yes. I can’t imagine life now with out my gentle giant or Mr D. Mr D was adopted from a shelter in Barcelona. The complete opposite to Aj’s calm. Wouldn’t change him for the world!

I only started running outside as I got tired of waiting for a free treadmill. My aerobics teacher in London introduced me to running (treadmill) a few months before I moved to Spain. One day I had enough of waiting and took it outside along the beaches. Like wise with cycling as transport. I got fed up of public transport. Never looked back!

Why treadmill, when there’s this? Park near Villenueve Loubet, France

Park FranceBeaches, Barcelona, Spain
Run view

In high school I wasn’t the sporty one. Let’s just say, I was generally picked last for teams. When I started working at 18, I joined a gym as I wanted a flat tummy. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I’m a really bad speller which is why I avoid big words. Something my Mum couldn’t never understand as I read a lot. Err, I skim read much of the time!

I have trouble pronouncing big words. They still have to be broken down pho-ne-ti-ca-lly and even then if you’re lucky I might get right.

I am or was until recently a TEFL teacher. Teach English to Foreign Learners teacher. No big words needed as I taught mostly under 14’s. If you want to travel, always have skills that travel: teaching, catering/hospitality/food, fitness, translation.

My Dad’s nickname for me when I was little was either Squeeker or Chatterbox.

And that’s more than 10, I could go on for days! Your turn to spill!




  1. says:

    You lead such a n interesting life! Im so glad you take the time to post pictures from your travels! 🙂

    1. says:

      I didn’t realise just how much I’ve ‘travelled’ until I wrote this. I’m not sure if living in another country classifies as travel, but I guess if you’re away from your mother land, then maybe it is!

      I love seeing photos of different parts of the world, so like to share too! Thank you for reading! xo

  2. says:

    Loved learning all those things about you. How lucky that you are able to answer your call to travel. Love the picture of you exploring Monaco’s Palace.

    1. says:

      I’ve never really thought or looked at it like I’ve answered my call to travel! Being a call explains a lot, though I’m not sure if living in another country classifies as travel, but I guess if you’re away from your mother land, then maybe it is!

      Monaco is a strange place. Playground tax haven, some of the richest people and the cheapest car parks. 20 cents an hour! It’s also one of the cleanest places I’ve been to. No litter and every free corner is packed with plants!

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