Weekly Photo Challenge, Serenity

Definition of Serenity: noun, The state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled.

First up, hands down, this has to be Diesel sunbathing. Apart from landscapes, my cats feature a lot in my photos. They’re easy subjects when they’re not moving! Diesel’s second hobby after telling me that breakfast and dinner were 30 minutes ago, is sunbathing. This particular day he looked extremely at ease for a cat who spent his first year of life on the streets.

Somewhere high up in the Smokey Mountains, North Carolina, USA on the Appalachian trail near Nantahala Outdoor Activities Centre, early September. We’d spent the morning mountain biking on the trails near Nantahala Outdoor Activities Centre and wanted to explore the mountains more. The guy in charge of the bikes mentioned a trail leading up to a watch tower with amazing views. After a 45 minute journey there where the whole time I kept thinking he’s done The Tourist on us, thanks to the endless tracks, few houses and no one around we reach trial head (and first car in a while). After an hours walk we were rewarded with the watch tower, 4 other hikers (The Tourist?) and spectacular views. It was a late summer afternoon and nothing but hot sun and buzz of nature. Everything knew it’s role and we were only visitors.


Sunrise Antibes, France, August. I still can’t believe this was my kitchen window view for 2 years. Many sunrises like this one were so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Someone walking outside, their footsteps were so loud! Any other time of the day, traffic would drowned them out. I used to love watching the sun pop over the horizon, bringing a new day like it has for eons.



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