The Moon, Hair, Energy and Netflix

I have no idea if what my hairdresser said is true a few weeks ago or it’s just me passing the blame onto my hair styling ability. Apparently the day I went, was a bad, bad day in the lunar cycle for trim if you’re growing it. If you want your hair to grow, it must be cut on a new moon.IMG_1446

If you’re still with me, ever since then, it’s not been playing ball. There’s a cow lick both sides of the part and not just on front. Both seems to extend all the way back to the crown of my head. I can get to shine, but anything other than that. nada. And before you ask what type of hairdresser does she go to, a regular family owned business, that was my hairdressers before moving back. I did some googling and  depending on your hair goals, you cut it during different stages of the lunar cycle (it’s even on Livestrong). Perhaps that’s why werewolves are most hairiest around a new moon. Maybe it’s a coincedence my next visit is booked for around the next new moon. I have always wanted long flowing hair for as long as I remember!

Anyways, hope you had a great weekend! Saturday, I added an old favourite of mine, skipping (jump rope for non British English speakers) to my workout. 20 seconds in-between sets alternating high knees and lower boxer steps. Last time I skipped was about 3 years due training home and space. My calves were talking to me afterwards. Loudly! I forgot how great and effective skipping is for total body workout, building endurance and drills.


Reverse sunset Saturday

The afternoon was spent running around the centre looking for art and craft shops. I found a few but they’re more paint, glitter, gift wrapping and packaging supplies than craft. And we’re talking serious glitter, 1/2 litre tubs! Coming back empty handed I made the fatal mistake of just seeing what’s on Netflix. Bad move: a 4 hour marathon of Korean tv shows.IMG_2119

Glitter for daysIMG_2080

A late run Sunday thanks to the Netflix marathon. 14km up the coast. I didn’t enjoy this one. I wasn’t feeling it, too many people out as I ran late and as pretty as the views are I need a new long running route. I miss running trails. There are a few more longer routes to choose from if I run from the house. One I cycle every day and the other having little terrain variation. Just flat tarmac which gets tiresome quickly. The trails outside the city are tricky to get to if you don’t have your own transport. IMG_2166

I’m still working on sorting out the spare room/office. I finally attacked the last 2 boxes from when we moved in May last year! There’s still a lot more clearing out however the energy in the room is flowing better already. I switched around my desk and I swear the change was instant!

My sortout-er assistant, Mr D

Hope you had a great weekend? Do you cut your hair according to the Moon? Do you think there’s any truth in? What’s your Netflix marathon weakness?



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    I’ve never heard that about the moon cycle and hair. I have heard that a full moon makes kids act a little hyper and I can attest to that working with children. lol.

    1. says:

      When I taught kids, especially the littlest ones, I don’t think it mattered if it was a full moon or not as to how hyper they were!

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