Friday Favourites

Happy Weekend! I’ve been running around all week and have been looking forward to this weekend! Low key, no planned trips and starting a few projects I’ve meaning to. That’s if I can find the pieces. I never realised how few craft shops there are in Barcelona. Come Sunday knowing me come, I’ll be craving a trip outside the city!

Rainy days don’t happen here very often and when they do they make a refreshing change to run in. A drizzly happy 8km yesterday. While I’m not working at speed at the moment, I’m working on picking up my knees and using my quads more. When I remember with plenty of mental ‘knees’ shouts I’m a little quicker. IMG_2057

Anyways, this Weekend Favourites:

Oysho Bear Robe

Every grown up lady/girl/woman should own one fluffy robe. If it’s got bear face complete with ears all the better. Sometimes you just have to go for comfort! One of the few things I picked in the sales this year. It’s so warm, the bank will like it as I haven’t had the air conditioning on as much.

Forever 21 bag

It’s hard to find non leather structured bags or any non leather bags that are cute for that matter. There are only 2 shops I can count on, Zara and Forever 21. My previous bag broke just before Christmas shopping and no amount of retracting my steps could I find the clasp. If you’re thinking she can’t fit snacks, water, gloves, kitchen sink in there, that’s what a structured tote is for! It’s even harder to find a non leather tote that can handle water, snacks and hold it’s shape! And yes, I still shop at Forever 21 and yes I’m old enough to be a parent to their target audience, but who cares! Fashion and classics know no boundaries.

3D Legs

Derby was born with deformed front legs and thanks to 3d printing he’s got a new prosthetics set. His face of pure joy now he can run says everything. A happy, happy camper doing what dogs do best, running free!

Everyday Coconut Face Cream Nighttime Replenishing

I’ve been using this since the summer and have only just started another bottle. My skin loves it and it’s helps along with serum keep frown lines at bay! Packed with coconut oil, neem oil and papaya butter, it contains no synthetic ingredients, gmo or parabens, is soy and gluten free, suitable for vegans and no animals testing. Proceeds go back to Togo where many of the ingredients (Fair Trade) are sourced to help with local health care, bikes for schools, reforestation and school supplies

Plank with Forward Arm Slide038e5d580c47b9203c4f78e0ae178906

This really hit my upper body, core, everything this week! In full plank position with hands on slides, slide alternate arm forward, keeping the core strong, straight line for head to toe (there’ll be some sway, that’s fine!). Instead of classic slides, I use paper towels from the gym folded over (Hey, that’s a waste! I reuse them until they need recycling). They work just as well!


I walk my cats. Okay, I check the fire escape’s closed before I open the door, they rush out, patrol the corridor, come back, say hello, demand food. I don’t mind as they’re getting exercise, different simulation, but I’m dreading if the lift opens and they freakout. I’m sure they’ll sense it and run back inside. Only supervised trips as they’ve been house cats most of their lives and I’m pretty sure their street smarts aren’t what they think they are.

Longer Days

It doesn’t get dark now until around 6pm. The sun still rises around the same time in the mornings, but the days are getting longer. Summer’s coming!

What’s been some of your favourite things this week? Have a great weekend!

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Image of the lovely Nicole Scherzinger demoing plank slides taken from Shape Magazine.


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    Oh can’t wait for summer to come by more quickly! Love your bear robe such an adorable find. Have a great one Natalie! 🙂 xo~ Lena

    1. says:

      It’s cute isn’t it!

      Here’s wishing to summer! xo

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