Oat Cookies

I have successfully weaned myself off dark chocolate covered almonds! It took eating one too many, going cold turkey to do, but I can now walk past them grocery shopping without adding any to the basket. I look at them, the after feeling of demolishing several handfuls comes back and that’s enough never to want one again!

It became habit over Christmas and New Year reaching in the jar for a couple as I went past it in the evenings (we’re talking almost every time I walked past it). And lets not forget those jelly beans! I burnt most of them off, but I did start noticing some changes. I felt sluggish, had a sugar tummy and my teeth weren’t enjoying the sugar coating (doh!). Why all the chocolate covered almonds? Christmas treats. I love treats, but they are just that, treats and I was eating way too many. It’s only me in the house that eats chocolate and I couldn’t leave them alone. Obbsessed? Maybe!

I did notice something else which surprised me. Over New Year we ran out of medjool dates as did the shop we get them from. There are other places, but they charge nearly double. I didn’t get to make my oat cookies for a few days and what really surprised me that out of all the chocolate covered almonds and jelly beans around, it was the dates and cookies I was craving! Finally listening to my body! I was caught off guard how much my tastes buds have changed and how much my body was craving real food. Especially oat cookies or my power cookies as I call them. I have a few in the morning with my coffee before I run or do yoga and a couple after my workout at the gym. Loosely based on a Tone It Up recipe they’re easy to make, provide lots of fibre, energy, protein and taste great as a snack anytime of the day!

Oat Power Cookies

Makes 20-26 cookies

1 cup chopped almonds

1 cup oats

1 scoop pea protein

1-2 tsp maca powder

2 medium bananas. The more ripe, the sweeter, creamier the cookies will be!

I chop up the almonds first in the food processor, add all the other ingredients, mix until the banana is throughly mixed in. Then dollop the mix with a tablespoon onto a silicone cooking sheet or greased (coconut oil) foil and bake in a preheated oven 170C/350F for approx. 15-20 minutes or until golden brown and store in the fridge for 5/6 days.

What’s your pre and post workout snack? I have a few dates and oat cookies after training for an energy boost until I get back for a larger meal. I still can’t get over how sweet medjool dates are. Taste like caramel and packed with more potassium than bananas!




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