Handstand Extra

I’m sure I’m not alone on this one. If you know the following day you’re not going to have enough time for a full workout, you tag extra on the day before.

If I’m travelling, I’ll do extra the day before and if I have time, sneak a short run, a quick yoga flow or mini workout before being cooped up all day. If I have an osteopath appointment the next day, I add a few more cardio bursts, suspension trainer back variations to my workout and extra abs as I’ll be under a 24 hour no exercise ban. Like travelling I’ll get a workout in before my appointment and if it’s on a run day, yoga in the evening before and if I’m there, handstand practice on the beach. Why the beach? The landing’s soft! IMG_9513

I’ve been moving myself away from the wall with my post run handstand practice. The problem is I know it’s still there and use it as a safety net when needed. I’ve had a few impressive tumbles leaving the safety of the door and found out the hard way the wooden floor is hard (it’s a wooden floor). A few months ago, I saw a little girl one day at the beach practicing handstands to wheel and thought if she uses the beach, so can I. It takes some getting used to that you think everyone is watching (which they’re not) and like at home, I need a calm mind to focus on that space just in front in between my hands in downward dog. Then I kick through, push out people watching and catch air for about 2 seconds (on what seems like the 15th attempt). Those 2 seconds I feel strong. I’m now not following through with one arm cartwheels and instead either landing back to standing, downward dog or feet in-between my hands.

Beach life is good.

Do you double up the day before if you know you can’t get a full workout in? Do you get inspiration from unexpected places? If you’ve mastered handstands, please share your secret! I know, it’s just doing them.


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