Opps, I Did It Again

I did it again. I got stung by a jelly fish. Now it seems that summer isn’t summer until I’ve been stung by one of the little        . Last year one whipped the back of my knee. Today a little b*gger snagged my foot. No, I didn’t use pee (ewh!) or vinegar (both apparently do nada according to the NHS help website to stop the spread of toxin) or shaving cream like the NHS suggested. Who brings shaving cream to the beach anyway? I rinsed it off with fresh water then scraped over the marks to make sure there weren’t any remaining poisonous sacs left behind and went back to my siesta. The NHS site advised to avoid moving for 15 minutes to stop the toxin from spreading. Translate 15 more minutes of siesta. Imagine if being stung by one gave you superhuman powers?! Ability to breath underwater for hours? Get through tiny spaces? Attend the X Men academy?

8km run again for brunch. Thankfully there was breeze otherwise I’d have melted to the pavement and I swear being pushed for time, makes you run faster! This time it did and was happy to see a faster pace finally. I have a 10km race coming up in October and really would like to be under 51 minutes. Whom I kidding, under 50 minutes would be just perfect. For under 51, today’s pace has to be slightly faster. It was before injury last year and with autumn coming up, running will be easier thanks to the cooler air. Interval runs, longer slow runs and cross training will help, but I have my work cut out. IMG_3936

8km vistia

One key element is strength training. Stamina’s great, but there has to be strength behind the muscles. You can have the fastest car in the world, but if it’s parts aren’t made of the right material, fuel alone won’t get it far. Squats, lunges, deadlifts, core, plyometrics and specific functional training, the fun stuff, will help improve pace and endurance. I wonder if jelly fish stings can help with that?!

Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish? What would be your superpower if you did? What’s your view on cross training for runners?