Nerdy Stuff You Notice Travelling. Information Signs Oahu, Hawaii

Part 1 of Nerdy Stuff You Notice Travelling was all Californian information signs. Part 2 of Nerdy Stuff You Notice Travelling is Oahu, Hawaii information signs, general signs and notices.

Star Wars droidesque parking meter

Just like the Cali ones and info signs all over the world, in the shortest, most concise way information signs let us know what we can and can’t do in all languages with or without words. No sh*t Nat! The psychology behind them is something too. Designers know we don’t look up walking or only a little head. Picture info signs can leave you guessing alternate situations to what they want to say or meanings lost as your imagination runs a little wild. When it’s Hawaii that mystical place that does exist when you get there, none of this matters as it’s Hawaii. All signs, notices, parking meters are just cool.

Diamond Head State Monument
Diamond Head State MonumentDiamond Head State Monument Pinch me I’m in Hawaii beers. I initially thought these were cat food. Cat food always has a cute happy cat on the label. Does this beer do something else? Pussy Grabs Back. Defo not cat food. Sunshine Wit Haze, Belgian Style Wit too. I don’t drink so I never found out.Wet floor sign. Honolulu International Airport If in doubt, don’t go out. North Shore, OahuReserved. I loved the stencil letters I saw on quite a few signs. Added to the island feel. I’ve also noticed back in Barcelona more businesses are going back to hand painted signs and murals. The Pillbox Hiking trial, right, straight ahead, Oahu. I’ve just noticed the hiking figureThat’s nice you did. The Pillbox hike, OahuThe Pillbox hiking trail, pill box 1Technically not an info sign. Waikiki Beach surfboard storageNobody obeyed the diamond. Most obey the blue rectangle. Noodles while whale watching’s okay as food is permitted. ExtraManoa Falls Trail, Oahu The trail is Ditch Witch, B*tch. Say that 10 times Hand model Selfies, selfies, selfies. If you want a photo of the waterfall, get there early before the selfies and soundtrack walkers (I felt bad for those that had to listen to 2 guys music all the way up. Thankfully we left as they arrived). The cliff face rock behind the waterfall is beautiful. So many faces. The shelf like formations with various plants growing add a little extra magic.The coolest no dumping sign I saw all holiday. It looks however like the fish is hungry. Feed me.Another parking meter almost smiling in a Star Wars droidesque manner

What do you notice travelling in different countries that usually you wouldn’t give the time of day back home? Please share in the comments below!

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