Nerdy Stuff You Notice Travelling. Information Signs California

It’s amazing the things you notice travelling outside your natural habitat. One thing that stood out for me on holiday earlier this year in California was the information signs.

Signs I’d seen a million times in photos and on TV in a pinch me moment I’m seeing in person. Universal information signs that need no words, but sometimes leave you guessing optical illusions or alternate different meanings. The for real am I here info signs? Or anywhere in the USA if you live outside of the USA. The psychology behind them. Knowing most people look down or only a little ahead walking. The grammar’s different too. I find the USA English uses a more formal language with signs than UK English making them seem at times a little old fashioned and proper.  

One of my favourite signs that caught my eye were No Dumping signs next to road drains. I’m a sucker for animal designs so of course I noticed these. I think every town has a different design. I didn’t get all train spotting looking out for them. Just when I came across them.

San Francisco Monterey Point Lobos State Natural Reserve I know the way to San Jose! Hehe couldn’t resist. Excuse the pun. I always thought San Jose was closer to Los Angeles thanks to the song, Do you know the way to San Jose? Yes I started singing every time passing the sign or in my head so as not to embarrass myself more. Even in a Redwood forest they have to remind you to look up. Muir Woods National MonumentNo levitating backpacks or walking sticks off trailing. Or are they holding a box and a stick in each hand? Muir Woods National MonumentCute doggie! Monterey. Sprint or climb the wave. Are they looking ahead or back at the wave?Or in shorts. Monterey IMG_7379Road construction work sign, Monterey Dumpster is always a weird word for me to say like trash. I know what it means, but in UK English it’s not a word we use for a communal bin. The dump or tip is a place you throw away electrical items, old cars, furniture etc. UK English dumpter’s a skip.DSCF4685I want to know what the other pets are that are allowed. Monterey Breathing? Rec Trail rules, MontereyDSCF4807Lerida or Lleida’s a Catalan Spanish city not far from Barcelona! Monterey city distances 100% agree. Monterey. Switch to plant milksFor sure know are in the USA with dogs on leash signs. UK English we say lead instead of leash. Another word which always feels weird to say aloud. Big SurOkay! Hungry waves with a dragon tail like jaw. Big SurBig SurBig SurI was grateful for this sign and few others like it. I’m aware poison oak and ivy aren’t plants to be messed with but I don’t know what they look like. Coming from Europe the only plant I know of similar is stinging nettle, which does what is says. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve Please excuse the crop. Equally was grateful for these signs. Limekiln State Park, Big SurNo dogs or fishing. Limekiln State Park. Big SurPlant rehab. McWay Falls, Big SurTrial closed. With rocks. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve How I imagine National Park signs to be from watching summer camp movies. Los Padres National Forest Picnic Ground, Big SurNo pooping. Doggie beach somewhere in-between Los Angeles and the Big Sur

All jokes aside, I really enjoyed my holiday earlier this year to the USA. What nerdy stuff or details you notice travelling? Please share in the comments below!



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