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I hope you’re having a great weekend!

Covid-19 cases have risen in Catalunya and Barcelona with the regional government closing gyms, amusement parks, clubs, cinemas, leaving open bars and restaurants at 50% capacity, libraries and museums for 2 weeks to stem the spike. My gym and climbing gym rebelled as long as they could arguing that health and fitness are vital essentials that need to remain open. Even the city council was on their side. Sadly they lost and most gyms are now closed until further notice. The zoo held out for as long as possible too, closing on Monday and reopening this Saturday after petitioning to remain open. They say it’s for 15 days, but I think it’ll be longer. Thankfully it’s not a full lockdown, we’re allowed out and shops are open. The only change face masks are mandatory in all public spaces even when we can social distance. 

Anyway, this week’s Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week.

Dietes Bicolor

Dietes Bicolor Lyon Arboretum, Oahu

Scrolling back through photos to edit for Golden Gate Bridge a flower I took in Lyon Arboretum, Oahu Hawaii stood out. It was the same flower I took at the zoo a few days ealier! After a little research it’s a Dietes Bicolor, a tropical iris native to South Africa! 

Dietes Bicolor Barcelona Zoo

Aloha Collection

On holiday earlier this year in Oahu there’s a chain of shops Sandpeople which sell local art, craft and jewellery that I kept popping into. I kept being drawn to Aloha Collection, a Hawaiian and California brand that specialises in splash proof travel pouches, bags and hip/bum bags. I thought one would be be perfect for the summer stashing a wet bikini. Everything is waterproof bar the zipper and was created with stashing wet swimsuits, easy clean toiletry and make up pouches in mind when travelling that can be multipurpose and protect other items from spillages. The black with yellow hibiscus wasn’t the one I wanted, however I thought being dark coloured would be less likely to get ruined with suncream and from being thrown in a rucksack with everything else. When we got back I couldn’t stop thinking about the mini hibiscus With Love From Paradise X Aloha pouch for a purse and well, first order you get 20% off. They have designs for everyone and I’ve had to blinker myself from the new designs out (especially the new small Lei Lei Orchid prints. Like the blue and green below but in pink and purple and the mini in pink which has sold out 🙁 ). None the less, if you want a pretty splash proof lightweight pouch to stashing wet bikinis, or a pouch you can wipe down easily I can’t recommend enough Aloha Collection. They are on the pricey side, but I can see them lasting a long time. The only con I have is print on the mini pouch is beginning to fade. I guess it adds to its character. 

Popsugar Fitness

I feel like I’m cheating on Tone It Up. I signed up for their Summer Series Challenge only for when my climbing gym reopened (and usual gym too) to go back there. On a Saturday I do Tone It Up workouts taking a break from the gym. However with the last challenge the workouts weren’t motivating me enough. I’d either done them a few times before and was a little tired of them or were too long to fit a few in. The past 2 weeks I switched Popsugar Fitness on YouTube and have been having fun doing Raneir Pollard‘s (IG raneirpollard) classes. Time flies by when sometimes with TIU I’m clock watching. I’m learning new moves too which is always great challenging both the body and mind. I can’t believe either he talks the WHOLE way through each workout! I still go back to TIU for booty workouts and still like their vibe. I’m hoping the next challenge they shorten the workouts again. For now I’m enjoying something different.

Almost Dusk White Duck

As the gym is out for the next few weeks, I still want to make up my bike milage cycling with a ride to Parc de la Ciutadella. It’s not so busy in the evenings now the beaches and bars are open making finding pockets of peacefulness easier. I liked how one of the white ducks stood out with the sunset shade dark green.


I found this guy at the zoo resting on a blade of grass enjoying the breeze.

Crag Climbing 

I went crag climbing for the first time this week! Totally different to gym climbing (duh) and I’m getting over my fear of falling when I don’t want to. The rock was so smooth it was hard to grip onto anything, but I had fun on the real rock!

Internet Finds.

Yes, I’m back to BBC but only for culture, history, nature. The news only headlines!

Abood Hamam: ‘A picture can kill you or save your life’. BBC News

Taiwanese laundry-modelling grandparents are surprise Instagram hit. BBC News IG wantshowasyoung

The sisters regrowing forests helped by their dogs. BBC News I got my fingers crossed the seeds take. It’s a simple idea replicating what nature would do with a kickstart regrowing land lost to forest fires in Chile; dogs with open dog rucksacks filled with native seeds running though the now ash soil land dropping seeds how native animals would spread seeds. I like that authorities in California and Australia who were badly hit last year with forest fires have been in contact as it’s a simple way to regenerate the land in a natural way. IG colorful_manatee (I think!)

What’s been making you smile recently or caught your eye? Please share in the comments below!

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