Long time no see! How’s your summer? 

Mine got a little busy with everyday life, holiday in Mallorca, Mac iPhoto misbehaving and something had to take back seat for a while. Sadly natjtan. It got a little frustrating, but like an old Chinese proverb I saved from an Li BingBing Instyle Magazine Interview back when I used to read it: Time is like water in a sponge. You can always find it if you squeeze hard enough. Another way of saying if you want it, you’ll make time or find a way. I always feel I can never commit myself to things 100% as there’s always something else calling me or needs doing in a house of chores. Forget the evenings. My eyes are so heavy they just want to close. 


P was here for a while so I couldn’t do as much as usual (he knows that), gyms closed for a local recommneded stay at home ‘lockdown’ for a few weeks due to a raise in covid-19 cases along with the zoo, cinemas, bars and restaurants back to reduced capacity. My gym and the city council along with a few other gyms petitioned against the regional government’s decision to close the gyms under the hastag #deporteessalud: sport is health rebelling initially against the closure. The Justice court overturned the gym closure decision. I was getting more demotivated everyday to workout at home, putting off for later. After 3 months working out at home then back at the gym for a month, then at home again I really missed the gym. Even if I don’t talk to anyone there, I concentrate better, it’s air conditioned, I get out the house. The zoo petitioned to stay open, reopening 5 days later after joining both my gym, climbing gym in being rebels staying open. The zoo on its initial reopening after the end of lockdown already had a Covid-19 Global Safe Site certificate and a Safe Tourism Certified seal, yet they had to reclose again too.

Sea lion Barcelona Zoo

Most covid-19 cases in Spain are now asymptomatic or in younger people who’s immune system can fight against it easier. Spain wants visitors as it wants the money, the rest of the world wants people to stay vacation as they want the money advising against travelling to Spain. It’s safe here. Everybody has to wear a mask outside of their own home regardless if can social distance or not. For the most part life is as what it was pre lockdown with less tourists. I’ve never known Barcelona so quiet. Even the first few Augusts when I moved here it’s never been so quiet with people. August is the traditional Spanish holiday vacation month with city emptying however in recent years more places have stayed open. It’s nice having less tourists. I never knew how many of the people out were tourists although they bring money. I’m loving quieter beaches but understand there needs a balance. 

More pigeons that people. Barcelona city centre and Placa Catalunya late July early August. Usually it’s packed with people.

5th August was mine and AJ’s 15 year leaving the UK anniversary. I’m getting used to not having him or D around. I’ve put away their beds however their cat tree’s now a sculpture, D’s chaise lounge cardboard scratcher’s still out along with his box filled with paper. I still make a nest on the bed for them. Some nights when I get back I think they’ll be at the door or AJ’s popping his head around the sofa if I get back in the afternoon. Sometimes I can hear D running to skid land on his cardboard scratcher after a pee. I know it’s all in my head! 

Mallorca was hot and sunny! There wasn’t much difference apart from how long getting there hiring a car and taking the ferry to flying, taxis to and from BCN airport and hiring a car in Mallorca. For something different we took the ferry. Once you know the system it’s a lot, lot less hassle free than flying. Knowing the system which button to press to let in the dock, which loading area or where foot passengers go 🤯. The only things I didn’t like on the ferry: hardly any food for vegetarians or vegans and on the way back live transport lorry filled with pigs for slaughter. Whenever I went to seem them looking down from the sun deck, they were squealing or fighting. I had tears, felt helpless. AllI could do was put it on social media and later that night light a candle for them. They probably didn’t have any water and half the journey some no shade. 

Cala St Vincent Mallorca

Sant Ponca Mallorca

I went snorkelling for the first time and loved it! I felt like when I first saw the fishes’s world I had to ask permission to take a peek and enter their world. I never knew how close to the surface some swim. I picked up so much plastic both from the beaches and in the water. I was also surprised by how many other people like snorkelling too. I made a promise to the sea, I will try to help it be less polluted just like I have the earth (and the animals) that holds the water. As much as I like every now and then going in land to the mountains there’s something about the sea that draws me more. I’m not a complete sea land visitor. I like the coastline, greenery along the coastline. I always feel like something is missing if I’m inland for too long. Returning to the coast and sea I feel more complete.


I also went in shallow water, baby waves wave diving for the first time in Castdellefeds a town just up from Barcelona with about 5 km of beaches, shallow water and the nicest sand around. I usually don’t like to get my face too wet in the sea: mascara as I’m always usually running errands after the beach. As we were just going back afterwards I thought sod it and tried wave diving instead of just jumping them. I was fine apart from after 2 waves catching my breath and and seeing another come before a lull, when I was a break please sea! I had so much fun and loved seeing the bubbles shoot past under the waves. I’m always a little worried when there stronger energy waves if my bikini top will hold in place (it did! Thanks to Oysho making more supportive bikini tops this year for bigger up top girls without the price tag of underwear brands who make bikini tops. I had to go up a size however the boobs balanced out the band so there wasn’t a feeling of the band randomly about it ping). This time however it was my new bikini bottoms that felt like I might pop out a wave mooning 🙈😳

There’s just over a month until it’s officially autumn fall. Late summer I always get bitter sweet sad. It’s still hot, not as fierce hot, the water’s warm or cool to dip in yet the light’s changing, the days are slowing getting shorter, the beach doesn’t happen as often as the buildings block the sun an hour before sunset or I just don’t get there as my favourite season starts to whisper see you next year.

Waiting for the cat person, Santa Ponça Mallorca

How’s your summer? I hope you got to enjoy the sunshine and travel!

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