ArtFutura 2014

I may seem all about fitness. Many of you know I run a lot, about 3 times a week, though I can actually be found working out more. I love press ups, burpees, squats, medicine balls, TRX. I cycle more than I run which is nearly everyday as it’s my transport. I love yoga and try to practice daily. I also happen to love art, nature, skin care, animals, fashion, photography…the list could go on! Art, design, creativity, it’s what connects everything, it’s everywhere you look. This weekend I actually got myself out the gym and trainers and took myself to an art gallery.IMG_1515

This weekend ArtFutura2014 opened at the CCCB in Barcelona. Since 1990, the festival of Digital Culture and Creativity or Art Futura has explored numerous projects and ideas through new media, interactive design, video games and digital animation. This years theme The Digital Promise. The way Time Out described it, I was expecting an exhibition looking back on how 25 years ago, they percieved technology would be today. Much of science fiction is now reality and much of our technology has it origins in science fiction. I was excited to see if anyones idea of the future have now come to life.

No exhibition. Instead a series of free entry, 50 minute shows covering various topics on the current internet, future digital technology, 3D, music and graphics in 20 cities across the world running from 6th – 9th November. (Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, this year hosted interactive exhibitions). We caught the viewing Future Graphics, a selection of animations, shorts, virals, covering topics from the environment, depression, planet destruction by the best delivery service in space (that nearly brought the house down with laughter despite it’s darker side!), swimming through sound waves to Fast and Furious style video games all exploring new aesthetics and languages. Some shorts were light hearted fun, some explored societies issues, others had more serious underlining messages and all of course amazing graphics. If it comes to a city near you next year, I definitely recommend grabbing some popcorn and go (minus the popcorn. No food allowed in comtempary art galleries)!

And thanks to digital culture I can share some of the fun with you! Enjoy!

WWF. PaperWorld

Johnny Express. The Best Delivery Service in Space


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