Weekend Friday Favourites

I’m currently on a 48 hour exercise ban thanks to an osteopath. It’s lifted this evening which can’t come quick enough with restrictions over the next few days. I understand why it’s in place but it gives me cabin fever. It was 2 weeks, I managed to get it down to a week with limitations and depending on how I feel and how yoga goes, those ‘limitations’ may expand. I’ve been able cycle which I only got away with as it’s my transport. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Anyways I hope you’re having a great weekend. This past week the weather’s been grey, windy and rainy most days. Sunshine Tuesday and Thursday held whispers of Spring as cycling in waterproofs and being covered in mud isn’t a look I usually or like to go for. Unless running Spartan, then mud’s a given. I’ll leave you with this weeks Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week.

Tone It Up 2107 Challenge BundleOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I meant to share this when it arrived a few weeks ago but it’s making its feature now. As a member I get discount on limited edition bundles that go with the current challenge (their money making ways!). So when they released the bundle for the current challenge and I saw the rucksack I was okay, take the money! Included in the bundle were the current premium workouts which I’ve been enjoying on my Saturday train at home days (rest of the week my workouts) and have picked up several workout ideas. The rucksack is the perfect size for me. I can fit a lot in without it looking bulky. It has an outside pocket, a mini water bottle (0.5l) holder inside and along with an inside back pocket perfect for books, magazines, trainers, laptop, documents, secrets. Though I have a skipping rope, their’s spins better on the handles, the sliders are use for carpet and floors work well (beats cut up old pillow cases!). The lunch boxes are going to be great for lunch on the go. Being collapsable they’re great when not in use by hardly taking up much room. The rucksack is in full use on non gym days. The only bugger, just one zipper on the main opening. Most rucksacks have two opening both ways so it’s easier to open with one hand will on one shoulder spun around. This one requires 2 hands to open as the zipper only goes one way but that means pickpockets will have a harder time (just watched Pickpocket King Bob Arno)

Sea Shells On The Sea Shoreimg_8392

Beach running Wednesday was a beach lovers dream. So many shells from the storm. Probably the reason why I missed the zoo was I was too busy filing my pockets with beach booty. img_8394


Because why not! They having been helping with night naps. They promote them but then they’re cats and love to sleep. img_8570OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Geese, Parc de la CiutadellaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I may have missed the zoo, the geese where happy to stand in.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

TRX Lunges. Foot In Cradle


I love this lunge variation as they’re one of the few TRX lunge variations I feel in the bum! They work balance, abs, coordination, hamstrings, bum, quads and calves. Care has to be taken not to let the stationery knee pass the toes. I find it easier to imagine I’m gilding back keeping the knee aligned with the ankle.

Internet Finds

Bye Bye Barcelona. Reading a National Geographic Magazine article Here Comes the Wave, Nov 2016, about American cruise ships now docking in Cuba, they mentioned a Cuban tourist department meeting used clips from a documentary Bye Bye Barcelona. I instantly had to check it out. In Spanish and Catalan with English subtitles is raised the question just how much longer Barcelona can cope with the hoards of tourists each year. Particularly in the summer when 4 cruise ships can dock in a day, when the old town’s apartments are filled with tourists affect on the locals, leaving the city nearly unliveable for its own residents. It highlights the city’s current infrastructure wasn’t build for so many tourists, how tourist money’s welcome but at what cost, that locals can no longer afford to live in their barrios as the barrio becomes more geared to tourists (higher expenses), it’s all about money. It was a great take away and I can say I agree with nearly everything said. Las Ramblas is no longer for locals, but tourists. They didn’t mention the beaches, but the beach I like going to a few years ago tourists were few. Now I hear less Catalan and Spanish.

Tone It Up: Coffee with K&K and our special guest, boss babe and beauty guru, Sazun Hendrix

If for anything to have a giggle at all things beauty!

Tone It Up: Kat’s Easy Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial 

I tried, it was messy. I can fish tail badly, need way more practice with the french braiding and it’s an arm workout in itself. However I have the know how how to.

Allure Magazine, Dispelling Beauty Myths, Aging with Grace.

How to hold a fashion show in a war zone. CNN

Rigopiano hotel avalanche, puppies rescued. BBC

Delhi’s banned all disposable plastic. Care2

Mexico’s police dogs will no longer be euthanised when they retire. Care2

Elephant shot with spear gets lifesaving help. Care2

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great week! I have the dentist this week and I’m not looking forward to it. I don’t mind the dentist per se. I replaced my retainers (one broke) after eons and the new ones don’t appear to be doing their job. My teeth are moving back to how they were as a kid. It’s the price plan if they can help I’m not looking forward to.

TRX lunge image taken from Google images.

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