Lunar New Year Weekend

Happy New Lunar Year!

I hope you had a great weekend! My 48hr no exercise osteopath enforced ban ended Sunday evening. Woo hoo! I was able to ‘essential cycle’ over the weekend. I had to fight for that, if wanted to get anywhere reasonably on time and not spend all day on public transport. I’m under restrictions for a few days but I think I’m fine to pick the pace up tomorrow avoiding impact moves. My head felt better today after a body weight workout and I don’t feel so lazy for not doing anything.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Time off from working out, I’d be able to get some of those forever to do list jobs done. The smaller ones got done, the list never seems to get less. I’m considering deleting YouTube from my phone. It sucks you in and 9/10 sucks the life out of you. There are a few channels that give me inspiration go get ‘em vibe but most suck you in and spit you out leaving you or rather my head filled with crap. It’s replacing night naps, so at least I’m not napping at much but I’m still not getting things done.

Friday’s runimg_8585

Back tracking to Friday, I squeezed in a short and sweet run before attempting to make the zoo gates. I missed them and running on the beach due to time (and ended up with more sand in my trainers than running on the sand. Go figure.). I’m sure if I wasn’t enjoying the rain so much, neither were the animals. That’s what I told myself to make myself feel better for missing last entry. I had enough time before my osteopath appointment to run errands in the centre before having my back clicked about 6 times, my neck 3-4 times. There’s still work to be done however I’m going to give it about a month before I make a revisit to them or another. A few other things need to be done in between. Plus I can’t do the week long exercise bans. img_8605

Saturday’s no workout was a good thing as I overslept to meet my friend on time to celebrate the Lunar New Year with tea/coffee. One of her country’s customs is fortune cookies and of course photos before finding out our fortune for the year. Hers happiness, mine, ‘be good or be good in something’. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We did a little window shopping afterwards before she had to head back. I ended browsing the photography shops and walking away with foldable light reflector kits. For now purchased them for when the weather isn’t favourable for blog photos thought I’m sure they’re be a stable for all of them. They’re light weight and foldable which means less storage space. I love taking photos but I don’t want to be like the guy at the zoo Sunday. His lens was at least 35cm long, camouflaged, massive, maybe a professional, maybe all the gear, no idea with a massive rucksack for all his photography needs and a tripod. I’m sure his photos are worth sherping it and I know National Geographic photographers travel with cases packed full of gear, but for now lets just master the basics.

Saturday’s sunsetimg_8629

I managed to tidy up a few things that needed doing Saturday evening before waking up earlier than of late Sunday morning (can that happen everyday please). No run meant time to play with the reflectors and catch up with my mum on Skype.  My plan was to get to the zoo early and I did if you considered 10 minutes earlier than usual early. So much for 2 hours, however those 10 minutes were enough time to say hi to the goats for the first time in ages. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASaying hi to the sea cycling backOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Had you deleted apps from your phone that were too additive or taking up too much of your time? I deleted a few years ago Facebook for several reasons; I hardly go on it as I don’t like it. It’s pushy, like this, add more info, your profile isn’t complete, emails saying Natalie you have 99 notifications of stories you’re never going to read. Natalie you haven’t checked your account in a while, Natalie… The worst, I allowed notifications on my phone that some how made it impossible to access other apps when it popped up reminding me to check in. I don’t miss it one bit.


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    Happy Lunar New Year!

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      Thank you! You too!

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