I’d thought it’ll be fun to do another why’s, how’s, wtf’s, random thoughts, observations (rants) and Google searches of late. Please feel free to add your own and try not to judge please. I can do stupid things.

Geese have teeth as I found photographing them this week.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I don’t know why, but recently I’m fascinated by tiny houses living off the grid on YouTube. I don’t think there’s anyway I could live in one and if I did it’ll only be for 1 due to the space. I think it’s the minimal fuss of possessions, being able to park almost where you like, how ingenious they are with space, energy and waste. Not all are clutter free, but most are.

Why do girls in the gym focus mostly on lower body and guys upper body? Or at least at my gym. Guys have the V upper body and spaghetti legs. Few girls I notice work upper body. Maybe if they did each others workouts, guys would have leg muscles and girls will realise they’re not going to bulk out unless they lift heavy and I when I mean heavy I mean less than 5 reps.

Is it too much work for guys to work legs at the gym?

It took about 2 months to get out all the mud out my sports bra from running Spartan Beast. That’s including one naughty washing machine wash and multiply hand washes.img_0190

If people who don’t cover their mouth when they yawn, might, when they realise their attractiveness level just dropped to -1.

I was taught to cover my mouth with my hand when I cough (and yawn) yet I see so many people especially older women at my gym who don’t. More so when they’ve got a cold. Some then give a look of wanting sympathy for having a cold. Maybe if you cover your mouth coughing I might have some.

Google is like our Mums. I remember I used to ask my Mum for all the why does growing. Now I just ask Google.

Google knows more than my Mum (and is normally right).

People who abandon animals at shelters if the animal’s lucky (even more lucky if a no kill shelter) or dump them in a middle of nowhere. I can understand if financial situations change, But to dump it just because or in the middle of nowhere I don’t get how anyone could do that.

I don’t understand people who abuse animals or those without a voice. Is the the power trip they like?

People who leave MacDonald’s takeaway wrappers and beer cans on the beach and any litter for that matter on the beach. There’s always a bin close by which takes a few steps. You have to walk off the beach or back to your car anyway so why can’t they make a stop off at the bin.

Natural or at home teeth whiteners don’t work. I’ve tried activated charcoal, whitening strips, nada. But if you have sweet tooth, only the dentist can work his magic.

I don’t like using Siri or Apple’s keychain password thingy.

I think Siri was invented for those who work all day on computers (geeks) without talking to anyone so they could have a conversation with someone so they won’t feel so lonely.

I think it’s healthier to try to remember passwords than have a system remember them for you. It keeps your brain active, young and if you’re not on your keychain cloud and need a password, are you going to remember df09238234dj-iun?

I had to Google how to add another photo in Instagram’s Insta Photos.

I no longer look right then left crossing a road. I look left then right, then keep looking both ways as I’m crossing. Even if I’m looking my phone.

It would be nice if people could do that with bike lanes rather than just step out them. Or if they do look, pause so cyclist can cycle past rather than dismiss us stepping out.

I like it when people can’t guess my nationality. At the post office last week I let the post worker go through nearly every West European nationality, French, German, Dutch, Belgium, Danish, Swiss, Swedish and English speaking countries, America, Australia, Canada until I put him out his guessing game, British. I can be mean.

I got my hands slapped for not wearing my retainers enough. 10 hours a day otherwise teeth have memory and will move. My fault, with night naps and not wearing them enough. Thankfully my ‘new’ ones are clear plastic and not visible so I can wear them out.

I don’t think I should have done an apple cider vinegar hair rinse today after all the treatment my hair got last week at the hairdressers.

If you want to catch a house cat in the winter for a snuggle, set up blankets and you’ll catch one. Cats love blankets. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Everybody knows cats like boxes, catnip, but why do they have to sit on items left out on the floor like coats, bags, yoga mats and books?img_6694

When you have cats, nothing is yours.

This past winter I’ve forgotten my gym towel a few times and ended up having to use my scarf if I wanted to workout. My gym doesn’t provide towels and has the rule, no towel no gym use. It was washed immediately afterwards.


What random thoughts and observations have you asked yourself recently?

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  1. says:

    This is a very interesting post Natalie. We actually have a cat for the very 1st time last September. A cardboard box of newish kittens was left outside the post office sometime before it opened for the day. The postmaster cared for them until they were litter box trained and could eat kitten food.

    My wife has never been a cat person, hence we have never had a cat. My youngest daughter has been struggling with her mental health these past few years and with a bit of encouragement for my wife to agree we now have this cat that was part of the post office litter. The only time she wants snuggles and to be patted is when she wakes up. Cats (this one anyways really love to explore). A wonderful addition to our home, the cat has been very therapeutic for my daughter (and even for myself).

    I am trying to think of what random to add to this wonderful list. I did some research on learning how to predict the weather by observing animals and the sky. My dad was very knowledgeable with this, but he died when I was 15. In a Google search I found that birds that fly closer to the ground signal a storm is coming. Cows will lie down in the pasture if rain is on the way. And in Canada where the ground freezes fairly deep. a mole will dig their burrow in accordance with how cold the winter will be. A foot deep, fairly mild. Two or three feet it is going to a harsh, cold winter.

    Hope you have a great week ahead Natalie! 🙂

    1. says:

      Congrats on becoming a cat person! I’m happy she’s helping your daughter. Cats have this way of making you feel special. My boys and I have been through everything and they’ve always been there for me although they’re chalk and cheese! I can’t imagine life without them. Love the story how s/he came you to!

      Aj isn’t a lap cat. Never has been never will be. However he’ll snuggle close on my right side give looks if I stop tickling his tummy. We’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old. Although he’s always been close, it took him 3 years to even sit near me. The night he started was the night before we got D. He mush have known! He’s the most gentlest big cat, but he’ll happily wrestle with D and can be mean with it. No blood ever drawn however between the 2. I remember in London he chased foxes and one night wanted my attention to pull out a ‘claw’ (when you trim them you’ll see they have a casing that comes off) from near his eye. Since moving from the UK and a garden, he likes to take it easy. He’s not a cat to run around and as he’s got older he takes it easy (he’ll be 15 this year) and is more sociable. That’s not to say he doesn’t have his moments or sticks his head in things. I hardly say no to him and he’s always there if I’m sad. He comes up, gently head butts, circles around me.

      D’s been a lap cat since day one. We got him when he was about a year old from a shelter. Though you can’t touch him while he sits on you! He has this thing in the evenings when I lie down and he has to snuggle on my right side (both right with them!) and massage or knead bread under my armpit. Nice. He’s a crazy, talkative, answer back kind of cat. Runs around every, sticks his nose is everything! He loves to go where he’s not meant to go, to sleep up high or look out from high places while he’s brother prefers lower levels (a tree cat and bush cat!). He makes me laugh everyday, tells me loudly if it’s long over due dinner time and has a fascination with taps and water. He’ll be 13 this year and acts like a 3 year old!

      Apologies for the long reply! I follow on wordpress https://katzenworld.co.uk for cat loves. Lots of sweet stories, cat thing reviews, care tips etc. I think you’ll like it!

      I didn’t know about birds flying low before a storm. I’ll have to keep my eyes open. I see a lot of sparrows and wagtails but they fly low here anyway. The pigeons, parrots and magpies are fly a little higher around here and seagulls I notice avoid extremely strong winds but love to glide or wind surf in strong winds. As for snow. I don’t know how you deal with it. But I guess you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do!

      Have a great rest of the week 🙂

      1. says:

        So cool reading your detailed background of your cats Natalie. I love long replies. It is easy to tell your fondness of them and much a part of the family they really are. You certainly have had your boys for a long time.

        Every cat certainly has their own personality. So interesting that they can have a favourite spot to hang out. This cat of our likes to stretch on top of the sofa chair. My wife “tolerates” the cat at best. This chair is where my wife usually sits to do her knitting. If my wife is on the chair the cat will stay away. But for the 1st time last evening while my wife was on the chair (Hazelnut, the name my daughter named her) jumped up and sat inches from my wife head all evening. I was totally amazed. 🙂

      2. says:

        Hazelnut’s such a cool cat name! Cats have a way of seeking out the non cat person and hanging around them. I think it’s because they don’t fuss over them. I’m happy she’s helping your daughter. Cat’s have a way in their own way like dogs making you feel special. They usually come up to you on their terms to say hello that has a way of making you feel honoured! My 2 are nearly always by the door when I get back in or seconds away from saying hello. Your wife will be a cat person in no time. Hazelnut’s already working her cat magic! 🙂

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