Never Ending Rain

I’m sitting with a hot water bottle on my feet, trying to figure out if they’re cold from being caught in the rain or because those pesky nerves are partying again.

To be honest I have no idea. Midday yesterday my foot was cold/hot like pre back click Monday, despite walking around to warm them up. I called the Osteopath to get told to rest the foot up for a few hours, walk around, repeat and if it continues Wednesday come in. It’s temporary nerve thing and should go away. By 6pm cabin fever struck, energy levels were back and an outing to Carrefour stopped the foot party. Major excitement. Fortunately the kids mums were understanding and rearranged classes for later this week. The cats as thank you for looking after me the day before had tuna for dinner. Major lip licking and cleaning afterwards!IMG_3539

This morning I didn’t feel like an old woman moving around. That meant one thing…workout time! Just a light workout with basic medicine ball squats, lunges, travelling press ups, resistance band rows, shoulder presses and tummy tucks. No jumping and only a knee slightly swollen afterwards. I know, I know!IMG_3186Go to breakfast: oats, honey, Greek yoghurt and berriesIMG_3509

Like yesterday it rained all day until late afternoon only this time with a cold wind. Too avoid being puddle splashed and showing up like a drowned rat for work, I had to take shelter waiting for the bus. Drivers just don’t care about pedestrians! IMG_3510

Walking back from work to meet Paul, my umbrella turned inside out and was staying that way. It ended up in a bin. I got wet and cold with some pretty scary hair. The views though were amazing. The sea sometimes looks it’s most prettiest when it’s stormy, stirring up sediment to get different shades of blue.

Looking out to Old Town Cannes
IMG_3514Infamous sunset mountains in the background. Just visible!IMG_3524 IMG_3529IMG_3534My feet seem to be warming up, so fingers crossed it’s just due to the endless rain!

Whenever it rains there’s always an umbrella in the bin. Do you ever notice that?!



  1. says:

    I love rain, especially when I’m able to nap while it’s raining 🙂 Such killer views!

    1. says:

      Too true! I love it when it rains at night during the summer!

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