Lovely Jubbly!

It’s been topsy turvy or that thing called life the past couple of days.

Thursday afternoon I was put on 24 hour no exercise ban. Again. My foot was cold and knee swollen. It warmed up working out only for an hour afterwards go cold. I tried dancing (knee functional), warm socks, standing on the warm spots by the radiator and debated for an hour to go or not. I really didn’t want to see the Osteopath! Turns out I did something my brain didn’t register in time (don’t ask as I have no idea!) and the quad didn’t fully relax, stayed contracted to stabilise the lower leg and the belly of the muscle came out which was swelling in disguise. That in turn was putting pressure and blocking the nerves, veins etc to my foot making it cold. Lovely jubbly!IMG_3541Thursday the sun shined all day. I had a good workout (pre osteopath), caught up on jobs and snuck a bike ride in. I could still move the leg and I hadn’t been outside properly since Sunday due to rain and Monday’s osteo appointment. There was no way I was gonna be cooped up indoors all day again when the sun was out!IMG_3545Mr AJ got good news from the vets. They’re happy with his progress and hopefully just one more week and his eye is as good as new. That means no surgery! When we got back, I crashed to the land of sleep repair and both boys snuggled up. I’m looking forward to when the leg is better so here isn’t like a broken record all the time!IMG_0116 IMG_0199

Friday under 24 hour exercise ban, I didn’t run until the evening. It rained all morning and by mid afternoon the sun had come out. The mountains on the way to work looked like they were smoking as the heat rose.

Walking to the busIMG_3566 Mountains near work.IMG_3576

Paul had Friday off and spent most of it installing a sound bar (what is it with guys and TV sound?), moving furniture, rearranging and then rearranging again. Even though he’d ran in the morning, he cycled while I ran after my exercise ban was lifted. I haven’t night run in ages and enjoyed it. Night runs always feel like fast runs. While I prefer to run in the mornings so it’s done for the day, I find I’m better at speed in the afternoons and evenings when my muscles are more warmed up from the days activities. That said I prefer to strength train in the morning for that very reason. I feel too elastic to lift weights or burpee in the evenings!

Do you have a preferred time of day to workout or run? Have you done everything possible not to see the doctor? Have a great weekend!

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