Grey Sunny Skies and Kale

There’s nothing like waking up to a drizzly Monday morning and a cat that’s not giving up his so called spot on the workout mat. Someone’s getting attitude now he’s dropping the grams.IMG_9556

Monday’s workout had an old favourite make an reintroduction: resistance band squat to high pull. The workout it’s taken from is a good one and has a few other of my favourite moves: shuffle reaches, kayaker, plank sweeps and side lunge should press (I had a knee lift for extra abs). I’m not a heavy lifter like my powerlifting brother!IMG_9561

My tropical breakfast brightened up the grey morning: Porridge/oatmeal with mango.IMG_9608

The rain cleared up in time for a bike ride before work. I had the whole path to myself for a change. Some herons (that’s what they looked like to me) were drying themselves on the rocks. I’ve only every seen them do this while on holiday in Florida. I felt like I was the only one watching them. I probably was!IMG_9574

IMG_9567Apologies for the quality. iPhone isn’t that great zooming in.IMG_9585

Snow is now starting to appear on the mountain tops. A sign winter’s on it’s way. Diesel is starting to sleep more in his radiator bed, which is also a great spot to watch birds from.IMG_9616

Paul picked me up from work and we went in search of kale. Yes, kale. It’s hard to find in France. The engineers wife on Paul’s boat has found a supermarket that sells it. I’ve only ever tried it once earlier this year in the UK and it was a shock (with a squeal!) to find it. I’ve been hearing people rave on about it for two years and it didn’t disappoint. His wife kindly got us a bag as we went too late in the day. I’m looking forward to using it!IMG_9720

Tuesday I woke up excited for my workout: squat jumps, spiderman press ups, triceps skinny dips, lunge twists, up/down planks, bodyweight skaters and resistant band staggered rows. 3 rounds, 10 reps or 30 seconds for cardio. It was very similar to a workout last week, which I sailed through. Not this morning. The ankle and knee were having their own party. I had to drop the intensity and didn’t enjoy it. I think our walk Sunday evening may have set something off as it’s a quite a hilly path.

In the morning I received some surprising news. The Adventures of Chase and Ginny has nominated The Adventures of natjtan for an award! Okay, the cats have been. I’m we’re very honoured. Thank you!

I took advantage of the sunny day for a sneaky bike ride before running errands. Afternoon pick me up was ginger Kombucha. I’d love to try more flavours, however for now, all I can find is ginger flavour and I’m lucky they even sell it.IMG_9625Sunny skies

My turn to cook as Paul was on watch. Quinoa, green bean and cauliflower salad and leek soup from yesterday. I finally got to watch Oz The Great and Powerful. It’s nice to have an evening to myself every now and then!IMG_9634

Early bird Wednesday to go to Carrefour with Paul. The boats plans changed last minute and I went for a 6km run instead. Despite a few niggles it was one of those energising runs. So much so I added an extra km and slalomed around posts in the port!IMG_9638Fresh air was needed after bracelet making for up and coming birthdays and venturing onto Pinterest (first time) for inspiration and ideas for my jumper project. I lost track of time and was chasing the sun cycling.IMG_9709IMG_9716

Wednesday’s dinner…something with kale!

Any recommendations for a yummy vegetarian/vegan kale dish? Do kale crisps/chips taste good?


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    I do love me some kale! I sauté it and eat it as a side dish or even as a salad w avocado, but have also eaten it with eggs or polenta! So many things you can do with it! I have made kale chips, and I think they are just ok…but definitely worth trying if you like a fun snack! I lightly drizzle them with olive oil and a little sea salt and pepper…then bake in the oven til they get light and crispy.

    1. says:

      Thank you for the ideas! Paul’s experimenting with right now! I’ll let you know what we had!

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