Here We Go Again!

You’d think by now I’m used to having my back clicked back into place by the Osteopath. No. Another visit, another 24 hours lost to the land of sleep with some pretty messed up dreams.

Paul had a fun weekend snowboarding with his friends in Italy Saturday and Sunday at Isola 2000 in France. He came home both days tired but happy with the best snow ever! Saturday he arrived back with a bottle of Lemoncello and my favourite chocolates of all time: Italian Baci. Kisses in Italian! Little quotes are wrapped around milk chocolate pralines and hazelnuts. 


‘With your kisses I have painted my starry sky’

‘Love could hope where reason could despair’ Lyttleton

‘You can be yourself in the company of a true friend’

‘A sponge for the past, a kiss to greet the future.’ Guy de MaupassantIMG_3503As for me, I had wanted to go the art museum in Nice, but with a killer headache I didn’t want to be stuck on public transport and inside air conditioning. I instead hang out with the cats, had so so workout, a drizzly bike ride and baked a load of Tone It Up Superbowl cookies.

IMG_3443 IMG_3453

Sunday, I got through a 6km run with ankles intact before meeting friends for coffee. I hadn’t seen them since Christmas and was really excited to catch up. Nothing like catching up on girly chats to make you feel good!IMG_3461IMG_3472 IMG_3473

Diesel the clever, annoying, but cute, but little **** still hasn’t learnt the hard way not to eat fresh flowers. He’s a clever cat and knows how to wake us up in mornings. He loves to make loud noises chewing plants, knocking things off shelves, jumping on us or a paw in the face! His method Sunday was attacking the flowers, which he knows will get an instant response, which it did, but I went back to sleep! Next thing I hear is him throwing them back up. Little ****! He still hasn’t learnt as he did the same this morning.

Monday, my left foot had kept me up most of the night before alternating between hot and cold sensations. To be on the safe side, I reluctantly booked an Osteopath appointment. It turns out my left knee somehow popped and contracted to protect itself which is why it had been swollen for a few days. After that was put back, she then clicked my back twice as some or a nerve was stuck making my foot party. No idea how I managed to do all this in a week since I last saw her! I made sure I was extra careful working out and kept workouts light. I have a check up appointment next week and if anything starts up again, go back before. Fun.

In between dermatologist and osteopath appointments I sat just listening to the waves lap the rocks, wondering how I got to be so messed up! Last bike ride for a while!IMG_3493 IMG_3492

So another day day lost in the world of sleep repair. Angelous and Diesel snuggled up close until Paul came home, then took shifts throughout the evening. Cat’s know when you’re not right. I hope my body settles down soon as I’m getting fed up with being held back both physically and mentally. It takes more energy than a HIIT workout.

Do your pets wake you up in the most annoying way. If your have kids, do they jump on you like my nephew does in the morning? I think I used to that to my brother!


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    I saw those TIU cookies and thought about making them but just never got around to it! Are they pretty good?

    1. says:

      They were nice the next day!

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