Lost In Time

There comes a point in every girls life when she realises she’s a different girl to the one a few years ago. Maybe that’s called growing up, priorities and circumstances change, becoming wiser, blah, blah. I say more stronger, sassier and can get by without the things she went la la for a few years ago! That’s me packing up the house and realising did I really need this?!

Recently, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Regardless of the time I get up, I pull virtual all nighters. I’ve no idea where times goes. I get a lot done, yet still feel at the end of the day I didn’t do all I set out to do. Between this house, looking, planning and packing for the next and visiting places for one last time, doesn’t leave much magazine reading time. I’ve just realised I’m only just starting to read magazines from January on my Zinio reader list. What happened?! Early morning appointments.

We dropped AJ off early yesterday morning for his eye operation to stop his lower eyelids from rolling in pushing his eye further into his skull. The poor boy looks like something from Prisilla the Queen of the Desert with his purple stitches. I had a tear when we picked him up. His brother knows something is up and keeps checking on him with nuzzles. He’s feeling perkier today and lapping up ear scratches. It’s hard not laugh at him navigating around with his Elizabethan collar. I’m a mean mum.

One priority that never changes is fitness. Regardless of how much time I have, I always fit a workout in. If I don’t get my daily workout fix, I’m one grumpy girl! Yesterday’s was a bit blah and todays more than made up for it. I felt energised and strong afterwards. Meals Sunday were all over the place and this had a knock on affect on my performance and mood the day after. Throw in not enough sleep and no wonder I began to loose umph.

Bike ride vistas Monday with Paul. France really is a beautiful country. IMG_6453 IMG_6423Bitter sweet smiling

Paul picked me up from work today and we looked around Cannes for probably the last time. I felt a little sad to be leaving such a beautiful country. The country side is especially beautiful, more than worth a visit. This girl however is ready for new adventures, a change of surroundings and a new routine. IMG_6464 IMG_6474 IMG_6478 IMG_6479 IMG_6495 IMG_6498IMG_6499

IMG_6503Do you have to get a daily workout fix? What’s one thing you can live without that you couldn’t a few years ago? I used to have to know all the latest showbiz. Now I don’t know who’s seeing who, who’s having a tiff and who’s smoking what! I do indulge every now and then. The difference is I don’t feel the need!









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