The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Where do I start? From middle and work forwards and back to the good.

The Bad

Being able to run is always a good thing I never take for granted. This mornings run was a tough one. I had to pause 5 times to catch my breath. I was anxious to get back as we had a busy day ahead. My mind was all over the place and well so I was I. It was a 7km run slog. Plus I didn’t hydrate properly before. Some runs are like that. I just have to take them on the chin.

The Ugly

Both our bikes got stolen from the basement. Some little **** took just our bikes and left the old, need of repair, other residents bikes behind. We left them yesterday covered under the plastic sheeting along with all the bikes that protects them from the building work that is going on. They obviously knew they were there and which ones to take. The little ****. Go and buy your own.

The Good

Paul noticed the other week a path around the Cap d’Antibes and thought it’ll be a good bike ride, picnic and hiking spot. We thought it’d be perfect to explore on May Day tomorrow. Everywhere virtually closes in France due. Even the buses don’t run on this National Holiday. Our plans ended up being swapped for tomorrow and decided today’s as good as any to check it out. Unfortunately we couldn’t cycle there as intended thanks to that little **** (yes, we’ve got the picture!), which was just as well as the path wasn’t for bikes.

After 2 years of living here and month before we leave we find the most beautiful path in all the Cote d’Azur. There’s nothing like nature energising you and finding the spot where Monet painted one of his 40 paintings when he spent a summer on the French Riviera.

I tried to keep photos at a minimum. Tried.

The path starts behind the Le Cesar restaurant and Plage Keller, Cap d’Antibes.

Perfect picnic spot view!

The Walk

Many of the mansions had back gates leading to the path. There were a few runners out too!


The Tree

While packing the other day, I came across a Monet book and discovered he had spent the summer of 1881 painting in Antibes and was in awe of it’s light. I wasn’t sure where this view was from as I hadn’t seen it when running on the Cap. Today, I had a feeling that I might just find it. I believe I did.


Have a great May Day!


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    Wow!!! So beautiful!

    1. says:

      Thank you! The South of France can be stunning at times!

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