May Running

Hello May! The best month of the year. Not only is it my birthday month, the summer sun starts to heat up at the end of May. Carefree days of shorts, sandals, beach siestas and adventures are coming! It’s also the month of perfect running weather. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right.IMG_8159

May Day Holiday started as it always does in main land Europe (in the UK it’s tagged onto the closest weekend for a Bank Holiday weekend) tranquil with just the birds singing. No cars outside, with just the buzz of a warm day ahead. That was until the 50’s sunbathing neighbour started his music loud outside at 8.30am. Less than a month to go then I never have to hear his selection again.

Squat, lunge touchdowns. So simple, yet so effective! Squat, lunge, touch the floor with opposite hand, squat repeat other side as quickly as possible for 30 seconds. I definitely felt them running hills the next day. May Day’s workout was one of those that leave you energised with feeling of knowing it was a good workout, like you got it all out your system. I came across last week on livestrong, lateral plank pops. Another so simple, yet so effective bodyweight move. From full plank position jump to the right, like a jumping spider, back to the centre, jump left, back to centre, repeat, maintaining full plank position. More advanced, jump in a box shape forward, sideways, backwards, sideways back to start. I like the fun element in my workouts!

May Day afternoon we took mini road trip on the motorbike to Cap Ferrat. We missed the sun for the beach and instead had a coffee looking out to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. It was probably the most expensive coffee in France for it’s size. Traffic was bad going and coming back, but on the bike we nip in and out of it. Plus I get to nose inside peoples cars.IMG_6704€7 for two coffees!

Friday, I finally got to run a route I’ve itching to run for ages. The Cap d’Antibes. I haven’t ran this route since I got injured due to the hills. Our walk around it earlier in the week, reminded me to give it at go. I’ve been running hills in the park and have been fine with them, so I hadn’t got an excuse not too. It felt great to be running this way and the hills again. All 8km of them. May is the best month!IMG_8197IMG_8204How did you celebrate May Day? Do you have different running routes? A good choice stops boredom!




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    Happy May! Beautiful photos!

    1. says:

      Thank you and Happy May to you too!

  2. says:

    Those views are absolutely gorgeous! Happy Birthday month!

    1. says:

      Thank you and thank you!

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    When I’m running regularly, I try to do a different route on the weekends. Weekdays – there’s only so much time… but on weekends – it’s my treat to me. Good on you for doing a new route!

    1. says:

      It’s actually a route I used to alternate with my ‘current’ one. I could only run on the flat when recovering for months! I like the sound of your weekend treat!

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