List Supreme

I have thing with lists. Coffee first then I plan my day or week if it’s Monday. Classes, things rolled over from the previous week/day, things to get, shopping, appointments vs weather, chores, things from monthly to do and get list. Then there’s reminder lists on my phone. I did say have a thing with lists!

I’m never sure why I write lists. I like the satisfaction of crossing items off. It’s the non listed things that mess them up. Classes cancel, postpone, rearrange, extra grocery shopping of things I couldn’t get on ‘shopping days’, I do my usual crash and fall asleep when I get back late and nothing gets done and things roll over and then there’s the little things. A plant that needs my attention (repot, rescue from cats), unexpected house chores, things to get, you get the idea.

Like yesterday. My class cancelled and I didn’t listen to my head that said, don’t go back to sleep. Bad move. I finally get hold of the dentist after a week of trying and 2 bounced back emails to replace a filling fell out after my appointment last week. I can hear them, they can’t hear me, which explains why they haven’t called back my messages. I’ve been having this problem for a week of so. A Google search later, I clean out the microphones (ergh!) an they still can’t hear me. I call them on Skype, they can hear me, but I can’t see them until next week as Friday’s a festivo, Catalunya Day and the weekend they’re closed. While I was cleaning the phone, I cleaned my watch I’ve been meaning to for a while (equal ergh!). I manage to get the last evening appointment with Apple about my phone. Now it’s raining too hard to cycle in, I sit it out, clean the house, do some yoga while I wait for it to ease to up, so I can get to the gym. A nice empty gym thanks to the rain and a great workout trying out a few new exercises!

Where sea and sky meet. Cycling to the gym in a break in the rain.
Rainy late summer

Anyways, Apple staff must be trained having in always having a non judgmental cheerful face and saying your Castellano is great. I explained I’d cleaned all the microphones, blah, blah. I had except the phone call microphone. Insert slap face see no evil monkey emoji.

Apple store, Passeig de Gracia overlooking Placa CatalunyaApple Store Passeig de Gracia overlooking Placa CatalunyaApple Store Passeig de Gracia overlooking Placa Catalunya

Have you ever encountered a non friendly Apple employee? Lists or have a super memory or a non wavering schedule that has no need for such a thing a list?



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  2. says:

    Yes, I am a list maker. An old Time Management class taught us our brain is for thinking and daytimers and lists are for remembering. List on Natalie! We are headed to the zoo today.. I can’t go there now and not think of your blog and photography. Have a good weekend…

    1. says:

      Awe! Hope you had a great time at the zoo and it was a good zoo and animals looked after with no signs of distress.

      I had to Google daytimers! I take it they’re kinda like a diary (agenda I think in the US) with time slots. I give up on time slotted chores around midmorning!

      1. says:

        They are like a perssonal written business itinerary. Not unlike a business diary. They are to help you remember, forwards and backwards.

      2. says:

        I can remember the past, just need to remember the future!

      3. says:

        Well the past as in a certain detail or date of a business occurrence a year ago. If its documented in a Daytimer you have a clear detail as to what happened. ~ my memory isn’t that good.. 🙁

      4. says:

        I can remember events past and most details. I can’t remember what I study unless I read the page 4 times if I’m still awake. What people said I can’t always remember, but I remember the place. Perhaps I need one!

  3. The closest I get to lists is writing things down of the calendar. I should be more of a list writer, because things often don’t get done. Even like tomorrow. I was “planning” on running a 15k race, but forgot to register.
    Your beach photo where you cycled to the gym is so cool. Had to look close to see where the sea meets the sky. Both are the same colour! 🙂
    Have a great weekend Natalie! 🙂

    1. says:

      If I don’t write things down, I forget them! List help me sort out the chaos a bit!

      As for the beach photo, that’s what I love about rainy, cloudy days. The sea horizon merges with the sky! Have a great weekend 😀

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