Allow To Be

7 guys in a row on cross trainers. That’s what I saw looking up stretching this afternoon. 7 guys in a row on cross trainers. In the many gyms I’ve been to the divide’s the same. Girls stick to cardio, guys the weights. Some cross over, some use both. Cross trainers are normally the reserve for girls. Maybe it’s macho now if The Rock trains on one (Instagram). Nobody argue’s with The Rock!

Taking away the machine, crossing training, mixing things up, is a crucial part of training. It helps avoid injury, gives muscles down time, keeps your body guessing, keeps thing fresh. Plus it can help stop plateauing and boredom, which I know you all know. The last 10km race I ran, I rolled my ‘bad’ ankle twice. Pain memory (is that the right word?) flared slightly. But because I cross train (in this case, yoga and balance work: single leg deadlifts, lunges hops, side lunges, pistol squats), my ankle held strong.

Tuesdays are my kryptonite. Monday’s I’m usually rushing around. Tuesday I’m catching up from Monday. I started this blog over a year and half ago as something to do over the summer holidays while I wasn’t teaching. I knew I wanted to start one, but I didn’t know what about. I didn’t want it to be diary, but somewhere it became a diary. Mondays are my hardest post to write. My days can be groundhog, my weekends can be even bigger groundhogs. There are only so many ways to spin gym, shop, run to the same places and read it. Feelings, well, I can’t control who reads, so they get kept. Food, occasionally but I leave it to the professionals. Fitness, you have to spin it like no other. Photo’s I’m working on. Just a photo or the story behind the photo?  Cosmetics, skin care, oh my, I’d love a supermarket sweep in, iHerb and CVS warehouses! Fashion, I’m skinny jeans and T. Write what you know about, write what you would like to read about. Err, Do I do that? I have an electric reading list and I would I read my blog? Are you writing for you or how you think it appeals to others or how they’d judge you?

Lately I haven’t felt inspired writing. It’s felt like a chore while I sit there staring blankly at the screen. I feel I need to say this was my workout, my run, as that’s how it’s become (and let’s not start about Instagram. If you’re not head standing, you’re not doing yoga. Eh?). I don’t need to. I know what I did. Is it the praise, the pat on the back? I enjoy writing almost daily, but sometimes there isn’t time (Mum’s, I don’t know how you do it!). And then there’s so many photos to share! I used to feel I had to earn writing, work up to how you want to be, not be like it straight away or be an expert to put your 2 cents in. My mistake.

What I’m trying to say, cross training isn’t just for the gym, sport or training. It’s for life too. I’m just a girl. I have a lot to express. I’m the girl who likes burpees, photography, crow poses, skin care, Zara Home finds, nature, art and craft, getting lost someplace new. But I’m also the girl who has some pretty random thoughts going on up there. Why can’t I express them? I have a note on my desk that says ‘Have fun with blog. Don’t take it too seriously. Make it good and design change’. Design change done. Can I allow myself to be me, have some fun and cross train now? But in less words?

Yellow Brick Road. BCN

Do you write how you want to or feel your stuck in a rut? Where do you get your inspiration from?