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After another long hiatus Weekend Friday Favourites is back! Back to stay! I hope you’re having a great weekend and thank you for stopping by to check out what’s been making me smile recently or caught my eye!

Battersea Dogs And Cats Home 2019 October Pin Up

I smiled so much with a tear in my eye when October came around on Battersea Dogs And Cats Home 2019 promotion for donations calendar. I donated however I’d prefer charities keep the money they spend on freebies for the animals. I’m convinced this is one of AJ’s relatives. AJ was a London boy and this little one’s marking’s are almost identical. The same tones, positions of markings, that cute serious look. Missing are the angle wings (not why he was called Angelous. I didn’t notice his angel wings until he was 7! Bad Mama! He’s named after Angel in Buff the Vampire Slayer). AJ’s cat Mama was ginger and white like him. His cat Dad was rolling stone, all black like D. I know for sure AJ takes after his cat Dad in the size department as his cat mama if I recall was petite for her size. P’s convinced AJ was the runt out of his brothers and sisters. AJ was one big cat, when sitting his head was almost up to my knee, so his litter mates must have been huge all grown up. October’s boy looks as big as AJ!

Miin Cosmetics 2020 Diary/Agenda

I’m turning into my Mother: buying a 2020 diary in October. I’m usually last minute end of December type girl, although can’t beat my sister this year suggesting Christmas presents in August. However a trip to Miin last month, they already had their 2020 agenda for sale. I caved as it’s 98% zero waste being all paper. There are some stickers in the back, however I think they’re fancy shiny paper. Only plastic the glue and elastic binder. My first Spanish dairy in a while as I usually go for English language diaries. It’s all good, I get to work on my Spanish, my beauty routine thanks to their weekly tips and reminders and learn a little Korean too. Although the phonetics are in Spanish and my English phonetics are bad. Yes, I have issues sometimes speaking my own language. Bonuses, it’s all pink, cute and seeing as I only really watch Korean dramas on Netflix, it’s perfect for next year.


Expominer Barcelona 2019. AKA Crystal Fair

I haven’t shared on the here my love of crystals. I stated collecting them a few years ago and erm, it’s getting out of hand. There’s something about shiny sparkly things! I stick generally to tumble stones as even tumble stones can add up. Whether or not they have magical powers I’m drawn to them. Sometimes I believe in crystal mystical properties other times, I’m happy just to look at them. There has been times I’ve taken one with me for the day and when looking up it’s properties later it made sense why that one said pick me! that day. Earlier this month Expominer came to town. 3 day expo of crystals insert jazz hands.

I’ve never been to crystal fair so I didn’t know what to expect. I usually go to a crystal shop in the city centre when I want a fix with a fixed price. Here prices depended on the weight. The expo had the usual crystals and so many I’d never seen before. So many colours! Some so pretty with such a price tag it was look and appreciate. I didn’t have time to see videos explaining the mining, cleaning, polishing stages as I was cutting it fine getting there. Looking into the mining process, you realise it’s not just the quality of the stone you’re paying for, but the labour too. Sometimes you don’t consider the labour side or the environmental cost of crystals for something so small. I did good, I didn’t go crazy. I joked to P I won’t be held responsible for the visa as he’s the one that told me about it seeing an ad. I knew there was an annual fair here, just not when. I circled a few times before going back to a few that said HI NAT. Everybody received a ‘free’ red jasper stone with the admission charge. If a crystal fair comes near you, go take a peek even if it’s just to be in awe at what nature produces. 

Roll Up Twists

A fun twist on sit ups, I saw a guy doing these at my climbing gym and was I wanna try them! I did at my other gym where they couldn’t see in case I messed them up. They work all parts of the abs, legs and arms, total body. Lie on the floor with legs bent, raising one leg up knees parallel. Perform a sit up. At top of the sit up twist towards the same side as the leg raised placing hands on the floor by hips and waist. Sweep the raised leg underneath you behind coming into a sort of 1 leg plank. To return sweep leg back to starting position while lowing back down the sit up start. More advanced perform with one hand, the hand in opposition to leg raised! It’s a fun move!                

Monthly Animal Donation

With Mr AJ sadly no longer here (I miss that little boy!), I’m still setting aside the usual cat budget. With just Mr D there’s some extra each month I donate to different animal charities. Usually just one a month, from larger charities like Four Paws to smaller animal rescue shelters that need help paying vet bills on Go Fund Me I’ve found on Instagram. It’s not much, I know I should save that money, but I’d prefer that money goes to helping those how can’t speak up for themselves as they don’t speak human. 

Fabletics Trinity High Waisted Pocket Leggings

These are like second skin and then some. I swear they give me a boost working out feeling like I have super hero fitness level. It’s all thanks to not only the material but the gusset. Rather than the stand oval/diamond gusset, the gusset starts mid thigh in one complete piece of fabric to the other mid thigh. That’s the secret giving you more range of motion working out with less restricton. I liked them so much I got 2 more pairs in black and purple in addition to the navy ones I fell in love with. I waited until the first wash to see how they went and they kept their magic properties. I wasn’t too sure if the material would loose shape. Everything felt in place so I can’t recommend these enough for dance, aerobics, any training that requires a full range of leg motion.

I feel this week’s WFF’s leaning to the consumeristic side, so some nature photos, while nature being the star she is. Best bit, nature’s free for all!

These guys legs! Flamingos Barcelona ZooDSCF6067November’s waxing Mourning, Reed, Beaver moon

Internet Finds

The Real reason hair turns grey and what to do about it. Brad Mondo. YouTube

Monkeys react to magic. Techy Devin. YouTube

The curious origin of the high heel. BBC Ideas. I’m no smart woman!

How plastic bags were supposed to save help the planet. BBC science.

My phone is filled with BBC non news (news, I try to just read the headlines), nature, history, science, culture tabs I’ve still to read and share. Maybe I should just delete them. I’m not sure I’m going to read and share them! If you know a great source, online site for nature, history, science and culture news aside from Nat Geo, please share in the comments below.

What’s been making you smile recently or caught your eye? Please share in the comments below!



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