Easter 2017

I hope you had a great long Easter weekend! Here was low key. No trips outside the city, just mini adventures in the city. So as always I’ll let the photos do the talking. 


If the weather on my Birthday is how it was Friday I’ll be a happy girl. For the first time in weeks no wind, just warm sunshine. After a quick beach run, it was off to the beach then the zoo. I didn’t want to leave the beach it was so warm and sunny, but I wanted the zoo for greenery. I took advantage of the place being packed to enjoy a longer than usual visit as there way no way everybody was leaving on time.

Mist/fog out at sea running

Mist/fog out at sea laterNearly all grown up


I couldn’t find pace Saturday. I think every few weeks my body’s no rushing to day. Plans were to go to the beach followed centre, then another mall and then the beach and bike ride. The beach never happened, a bike ride instead after Tone It Up workouts because it’s Saturday did.

To improve my Spanish I’ve decided to read magazines. I can write in them and they’re not as intense as books (I should put Spanish subtitles on Netflix. That’s what I told my students to do learning English). On the way to the magazine shop we took a slightly different route through Parc del Port Olympic and Parc de las Cascades and as we had time we took a turning just to see what was there. It lead to a hidden park crossing, Parc de Carles I above the train tracks I’ve cycled past a million times yet not known it was there. I’ve seen people come down the steps the other side, but thought it was a regular walk way. We had fun on the swings and balance beams (Spartan Race practice for me) being big kids before heading to the Borne. Jasmine’s in bloom everywhere at the moment

I opted for Spanish Instyle as I read the America version already and many of the articles previously been featured US Instyle so I can have a better translation. 


Sunday ended up being another slow day. I ran later than I wanted and as I didn’t want to get back late on no trips out the city. We settled for cold beach where my pigeons from last year made my day remembering me. One came up all where’s my food and proceeded to walk in-between the beach towels just like they did last year. Trail mix was all I had and they happily tucked into pumpkin seeds and almonds as they don’t like currents or goji berries. This year I’m getting them bird seed otherwise I won’t get any trail mix!

P headed back, while I wanted to cycle some more after the beach so took a trip around Parc de la Cuitadella inhaling jasmine on the way back. 

Easter Monday

Their outside play area was open, but all the orangutans were inside playing with t-shrits under big sister and Mama’s supervision. 

Gyms were open so that’s where we went, each to our own respective gyms before they closed early. I had hoped to sit out on my gym terrace avoiding the crowds back and make the zoo early, but I didn’t finish training in time. I made the beach instead and for once I was appreciative of my gym bags making a makeshift wind breaker taking the edge of the wind. And of course I made the zoo! Just. I swear if there was a bicycle licence I’d be banned within 10 minutes for reckless cycling. I call it taking opportunities.  Wallaby tracksHow did you spend your Easter Weekend?


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    Glad you were able to enjoy a balmy Spring day. To improve my Spanish when I lived in Mexico I watched Tele Novelas. It worked ok.

    1. says:

      🙂 The weather this week hasn’t been sun siesta weather unless you’re hardcore! I used to put subtitles on when I watched Spanish TV, but I don’t watch much TV now, not even Netflix regularly and when I do I want to relax not have to ‘work’. Instead I get YouTube adverts, but I can’t stand most Spanish adverts. Oh dear!

  2. says:

    I thought pigeons ate everything! Who knew they were fussy? The ones in my yard eat EVERYTHING.

    1. says:

      I know! Who knew! They also don’t seem to notice the currents either. Iv’e got them some bird seed so I’ll see how they go with that 🙂

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