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Can I start 2016 with the Lunar New Year next week?

After feeling like I was about to loose it last week, I took a hiatus last week and part of this week from blogging. January and burnt out!

It has been a few months in the making with last week feeling somewhat teary eyed, tired and a bit helpless. I won’t go into it, but as much as I’d like to blog every day (Mon to Fri), I have to accept that’s not gonna happen. It gets frustrating having ideas, epic night naps and nothing gets done. I still don’t know where the days go and it gets/got frustrating not being able to everything and still sleep. Don’t even ask about my sleep schedule. It’s all over the place, black bags rather padded black bags have to sort them before they become permeant are en vogue. And realising you haven’t seen season 3 and 4 of Luther and then watching the first 2 episodes of season 3 on your own in the dark will really mess it up. I hid behind the blanket peeking out when the suspense got too much. There’s a reason aside from dust balls I don’t like beds with legs!

Anywho, still running, cycling, training, playing cat mama, getting excited in Miin and Sephora, forever dreaming of longer days when the sun plays until 10pm. And taking photos of …..

Bike rides aka my transport finds:

SunsetsWinter Sunset Barcelona

Turbulent skies cycling back one eveningTurbulent skies

Angry Bird BombAngry bird bomb graffiti Barcelona Toxic air
Toxic air stencil/graffiti, Barcelona

Cycling through El Borne El Borne, Barcelona

Views from the W hotelW hotel Barcelona W hotel BarcelonaW hotel Barcelona Escaping to the Zoo!Pigeons, Barcelona ZooLove these guys mohawks! Zebra, Barcelona Zoo

And these guys eyelashes!
Impala Barcelona ZooStumbling across the start of the 2016 Historic Barcelona to Monte Carlo Rally. I think it’s early this year as in previous years I stumbled across it when it’s light. Please excuse the quality of the photos. I was pushing my bike, lots of people pushing and shoving with my camera in my rucksack. I did get a shot of a VW Beetle (Herbie!) but it’s too bad quality it show. Lots of Porches, Minis and old school Fiats. I bet it’s a great race to participate in! Start 2016 Barcelona to Monte Carlo Rally2016 Barcelona to Monte Carlo Rally2016 Barcelona to Monte Carlo Rally

Run views

Beach runs during the week. It doesn’t help my pace, but I always pause for few moments to take in the sea. And any shells that might catch my eye, insert see no evil emoji monkey. Run View

2 Cormorants diving running last Friday. My mood was a grey as the sky. Seeing these guys cheered me up (and their spirit animal meaning). Cormorants Switching up long runs with an equally long bike ride. 40km if including racing to the zoo. All out both directions! Long bike ride! Trying out my new lightweight skipping rope! I definitely noticed the difference to my gyms old rope one. Taking my own means I don’t have to wait if it’s in use. Skipping is one of my favourite cardio choices. I’m always surprised by how many people have trouble initially getting coordination skipping. If you master the basic boxer step, it’s a great total body workout. The types of steps are endless!Decathlon skipping ropeSadly I haven’t been doing as much yoga as I’d have liked. The knock on effect is poor posture and tight calves. Not good! The times, I have done some yoga with Yogaglo, the mats been busy with yoga cats.Yoga catsSorting out a few cupboards the KonMari Method with helpHelping Mama sort out

Cat snugglesCat snuggles with Mr DDay dreaming of Spring and SummerPalm trees, Barcelona ZooDay dreaming palm treesHow you do deal or know when things get out of balance? Carry on, throw your hands in the air, bury hands in face, cry for a few days, get snappy at people, angry for no reason, tired yet can’t sleep and the worst, padded black eye bags?!


  1. says:

    I love looking at your photos. I am insanely jealous and living vicariously through you. Hopefully soon I can travel. My husband used to travel often as a child. Every other summer (since both his parents worked in schools and they had off the same time), they were either in Spain or Ecuador. We did more vacations in the US but once in awhile we would go to the Philippines. I can’t imagine going there now though — I don’t think i could stand to sit on a plane for 23 hours…

    I have been on the same page as you — I stopped blogging for a few months. It had become too much. The only reason I come back is because I used to refer to my blog to find certain events. 🙂

    Anyway I am glad you’re back and love reading and keeping up with you!!! Hope you’re well. XOXOXO

    1. says:

      Aw! ‘Fanks! Can’t say I live vicariously though! I live in the US though you! That sounds weird, but you get what I mean. I hope!

      A plane for 23 hours! Non stop or with changes? I don’t even think I could sit for that long, but when you get there it’s totally worth it!

      I’m happy you’re back too. I was wondering where is she? I need another crazy person’s life to read! xoxo

  2. Janet says:

    Don’t worry about feeling tired and a bit tearful at times, it happens to us all, and you have all that lovely scenery to take in every day when you cycle through the city. I so wish I could come and see you but I am not too good. My chemo has been postponed twice, my chest infection has brought me right down. You need to send some of that sunshine over and I’m dying to stroke your two cats, they seem to have settled into Spanish life!!!

    Lots of love Nat xxx

    1. says:

      If I could send the sunshine over I would! As for those two cats, they’ve always been on Spanish time. They sleep nearly all day and if it’s sunny, sun siestas!

      Hope your chest clears up soon. Take it as break from chemo, I’ve heard that’s nasty stuff! Maybe it’s your body’s way of getting to of it (chemo!). Lots of love too xoxo

  3. Beautiful Photos!

    And I understand! I would love to blog more as well. I have a lot of ideas and things to share, but sometimes time is not on my side and when it is, other things demand my attention and become priority.

    And I like your idea of starting fresh with next week!!

    1. says:

      Time is never on our side! Neither are priorities at times!

      Have great time celebrating next week! I bet it’s bigger and better than 31st Dec celebrations! Firecrackers and fireworks!

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