Weekend Friday Favourites. 1.5.2022

Happy May!

I can’t believe it’s May already. This spring has been extension of winter I and feel I lost a few weeks of in-between weather skipping 14-18C of April’s usual weather straight into 19-20C early May’s temps. I’ve hardly looked at the new seasons clothes as I haven’t been feeling them. Too many grey skies. Now the sun’s here, I’m still not feeling ready to look at summer clothes.

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that made me smile or caught my eye this week. 

Goslings and Ducklings

The goslings are nearly all grown up!

Duckings I’ve only seen a few. A family of 1 and a family of 4. The family of 4 I spotted while leaving the zoo so photos aren’t the greatest as it was closing time and had to rush. Thankfully the guard was okay with me taking photos although none were good. When I mentioned a seagull’s stalking the patitos, he said there was 5 yesterday and went to shoo away the seagull. I’ve noticed with ducks the Mama duck does all the caring and with geese it’s both parents looking after them. I think there’ll be more duckling soon as nearly all the female ducks have disappeared from the boating lake leaving only a few bachelor ducks hanging around. The geese did this only to return with goslings so maybe in a week lots of ducklings! 


I planted over Easter various kale, rocket, spinach, lettuce, radishes and verbena seeds. I tripped over the trays after planting so I don’t know which is which. I couldn’t believe how much they grew after week! I’ve since separated them but think I’ll have to separate them again which is going to get tricky with space. I’m hoping it’ll work so I’ll save some pennies this summer but I think it’s an expensive experiment.

Primark Bargains

I know, for a person that likes to be sustainable she shops at Primark. Sometimes the price is right! Primark is trying to become more sustainable with recycled fibres although they’re still fast fashion. Cheap fast fashion. 

Wandering around their home department in their sustainable section they had bamboo bath racks for €15. I’ve been after a new bath rack/shelf but it wasn’t high on my shopping this. Primark’s was better quality than others for that price and being Primark while their home dept doesn’t sell out as fast as everything else you never know if you’ll see it again. I decided I could dip into next month for this reason. At the cash desk it came up €7! I was one happy girl! 

No Masks

Last week Spain lifted the mandatory wearing of masks indoors! There are a few exceptions such as public transport, pharmacies and I think medical centres. It’s weird seeing peoples faces again and not wearing one indoors. The biggest difference is smells. It’s amazing how even a simple cotton mask masks smells. The first thing that hit my nose walking into my climbing gym was sweat, stale sweat and feet 🤢 I forgot too, how strong perfume is in beauty stores! 

Benton Fermentation Eye Cream 

I started using this as my make up eye cream. Let me explain! It’s a habit I started doing years ago after applying eye make up. I do my eyes first then foundation as there was always fall out. My think was as I was wiping away the fall out I’m removing eye cream too! So I started to reapply eye cream after wiping away fall out. Now it’s just habit. I apply Kora Organics Eye oil in the morning and night but it was too oily for make up. I switched to Kora Organics Face Balm as an under eye cream to you know smooth over the lines. However after I think over a year of trying that and with wearing masks that depending on how you put them one scrunched up cheeks showing fine lines like harsh deep lines. 

Thankfully in Miin Cosmetics they had a vegan cruelty free eye cream from Benton that wasn’t too expensive, Fermentation Eye Cream. It’s base is fermented galactomyces a byproduct from fermented sake! Fermented sake is rich in amino acids, helps regulate sebum, help with acne as well as help restore skin elasticity. Since I’ve been using it I’ve noticed the lines softening. I’ll give a longer review in a few months as it’s only been a month or so of using it. I like to give a few months to see if a product works as what works initially doesn’t always work later on. For now I’m happy with it.

Warm Sunshine 

Thank you for stopping by! What’s been making you smile or caught your eye recently? Please share in the comments below! Have a great weekend! 

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