Like Mother, Like Daughter and Weekend Catch Up

P was here this weekend and I found myself doing something I’ve been trying to hold off. I’m turning into my Mother. 


My mother’s a great lady. To say she’s colourful’s an understatement. Always dressed in colour preferably from her autumn winter colours and is hardly every quiet. I’ve noticed there are something subconsciously I think are just family traits I do. I can be a ball of energy like my Mum that some people find uncomfortable. Or I can be the complete opposite and grumpy like my Dad. I’m making efforts not be grumpy. Reflecting on actions and changing them later in similar situations. 

I’m mostly mute at home, only speaking to the cats. When P’s here, I’m almost non stop talking to the point I have to tell myself to shut up. That’s only part of turning into my mother. I found myself coming out with her way of saying things, the British way of running commentary, patronising things, all the things I don’t like and wind me up. I thought I’d got away with not turning to her expressions as I haven’t lived in the UK for 13 years and not seen my family for over 3 years. I was wrong. 

I’m hoping now I’ve recognised it, I can stop it. I can’t come up with the expressions with now. They happen, then I’m Noooo, I sound like my Mother! I’ve asked P to help me stop too, but I’m not sure he notices them. I managed to stop saying wee like the British instead saying pee. Now saying wee feels unatural. If I think before I open my mouth, maybe those few seconds is enough. Even writing I’m consciously trying not using British sayings, words my parents might use to avoid cliches. Like I said my Mum’s a great lady. I wish to be me, my own person, but it might be too late. HELP! 

Anyways, I didn’t take many photos this weekend. The light wasn’t good, but I’ll leave with a little recap of the weekend I realised I’m turning into my mother. Help!


I woke with not as tight shoulders as normal after climbing the evening before. I think this down to a Dice Iida-Klein Yogaglo shoulder strength class I took Thursday morning. It was off beat to usual yoga shoulder classes, but I could feel how it transferred to climbing. My shoulders felt a lot more solid yet with a little more flexibility climbing later.

The rest of the day was taken up with some admin, tidying up the place as I realised some chores I said I do since July still weren’t done, lunch time run, the zoo with no photos as the light was so bad and making the post office before they closed. P’s flight was delayed so he got back way past midnight. 


Saturday started with blue sunny skies that turned to grey by the time we made the beach later. The morning and early afternoon was filled Studio Tone Up workouts, bathing AJ the cat (his fur’s doing better!) and rearranging the kitchen for a new food processor. P caught what he thought was a cockroach and both of us were no way. Not this high up! Please no! We caught it and I was that’s no roach! Maybe a cricket. Goggle later said black cricket. I’ve not idea how it got in so high up. I think as there was a massive thunderstorm during the night, with all the doors and windows open that morning it sneaked in. 

Cycling back later, as I said to P as we neared the apartment, no more crickets please I nearly ran over a huge grasshopper!

By the time we made the beach it was late and cloudy. We stayed for a little while before heading to one of the malls. As iherb no longer ship to Spain I’ve had to find an alternative body lotion. I’ve found in Druni, Organic Shop, Vanilla Whipped Cream moisturising body cream which as soon as they get in stock in sells out. I’d been in twice this week searching 2 Drunis with no luck, so decided to see if the store in Maremagum had any. Maremagum has always been a weird mall so I was surprised by it’s revamp and new stores. It just needs a Sephora to become the beauty and skincare mall. 

After checking out the mall, we headed to El Borne for some vodka to make vanilla essence. I’ve recently found most store purchased vanilla essence has a petroleum derivative in. I mentioned this to P who said you can make your own. I was okay, if I see vanilla pods I’ll get some, you make the essence. On the way back to the bikes we stopped off to eat at the Green Spot. I’d ate there with friends last year and as it’s veggie orientated I want to show him. We were hungry, it was late and didn’t want to cook back, so ate out for once. Okay, I ate out for once. 

The spring rolls with peanut sauce so I was happy for one course!

The first and last courses were the best. P’s second course was nice. I’m not sure if it’s an advantage or disadvantage P being a chef. He’s cooked for those on yachts who have dined in the the best restaurants and always say his the best best x,y,z dish they’ve ever eaten. I ordered for my main the Buddha bowl which didn’t look like Buddha bowls P or Tone It Up make. I couldn’t eat all of it and P was you want a burger which I couldn’t decide initially between, dessert or both. I was I want to try the burger and have desert. So P was send the dish back and order a burger if you don’t like it. I’ve never done that before as I was brought up if you eat out, you eat it all or you won’t be taken out again. P’s more you have to eat, but if you don’t like it, don’t force yourself to eat it. I made him ask for the burger!

Sadly the burger was just as bad. I asked for vegan option as opposed to the vegetarian option, but couldn’t stomach the vegan cheese (I thought it would be sans cheese) that had melted all over it. I felt bad and didn’t like the food waste. I did like the spring rolls and the yummy rhubarb and strawberry crumble! P’s was why when we eat out it’s always sh*t? after I’d said I can taste the limescale in the tea. I was because, we speak our mind about it and don’t put on airs and graces of yes, it’s nice, to show face. I’ve also started learning like him if I’m eating out and people like the food and I’m not so keen to keep quiet. Not only because of if you don’t eat it, you won’t be taken out again, but to not to create a fuss of why, oh, I’m enjoying it or focus on me. I’ve been spoilt with his cooking! The restaurant interior’s pretty and we were lucky they were able to accommodate us at the bar as they were fully booked.  

Rhubarb and strawberry crumble with coconut cream


Cormorants out again!

As we got back so late Saturday or Sunday morning, I woke up not with it. After breakfast I felt better and got to use the new food processor for some peanut butter blondies! The mix was a lot more smoother and I didn’t burn all of them. Only a few! 

Chores done, P joined my for a run. My earphones the wires where the ‘Y’ it spilts in 2 were beginning to show and needed replacing. I mentioned it to P who said maybe get Apple AirPods. He has them as loves the wires free aspect. I was okay, but they’re expensive! He got me some from the airport, same price, but I keep missing the Apple store here as the zoo’s still open late. Sunday was my first run with them and I like the wires free too! I normally running and work out placing the earphones lead down my back so it doesn’t get in the way. This is okay apart from when running the lead tugs down and I have to constantly rearrange them in my ears. 1/2 way through the run P asked me how I was getting on with them, I was no wire tugging! Only thing now is more things like airwaves flying around my head! 

When we got back P had less than 2 hours to get to the airport and me to leave for some beach before the zoo. And of course when I go to the beach, light clouds turned to block out the sun clouds. Some of the zoo photos are from previous visits to catch up on photos and posts! 

Another reason why I avoid palm oil and now I’m being more concious of coconuts as they have the same environmental impact. One of the orangutans checking out a bite just like us humans.DSCF7649These guys are always moving unless they’re sleeping and then they fight sleeping with the neck reflex as you fall asleep standing or sitting up.

How was your weekend? Are you finding you’re turning into one of your parents?


  1. says:

    Having traits from your parents doesn’t mean you are not “yourself”! In fact it is a big part of what makes you “yourself” 🙂 Having said that, I read somewhere that all women end up being like their mothers xD

    iHerb doesn’t ship to Spain anymore?? Why??

    1. says:

      Please no! Some of my mother’s traits I’d prefer not to pick up!

      I’m not sure why iHerb stopped shipping here. I think it’s customs thing or a Trump retaliation issue on steel taxes.

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