Hello September

I can’t believe it’s September already! One minute it was July, August flew by so quick I wasn’t able to catch my breath and now it’s September. I’m not ready for pumpkin spice and layers. I want strawberries, peaches, summer sun and long bright days to stay. I want beach siestas, dips the sea to cool off, feeling warm sunshine on my skin not to stop. 

August was injury month. I’ve some how messed up my left psoas, in one of Studio Tone It Up app kickboxing classes. I did kickboxing years ago, so I know to be careful air punching and kicking. A few days day I noticed in lizard pose reaching back for my left leg, the top of my left thigh hurt. It was such a random place I was what? But this stretch is so easy for me! A few weeks later I took another kickboxing class on the app and noticed any side kicks it hurt. I was that’s how! 2 visits to the physio, one with a heat machine applied, it’s getting better, but I’m no way near to 100% stretch capacity.

Water along the pier running

My left ankle I twisted back in May, the same physio visits a few more tiny bones moved back into place. In side angle pose I’ve been shortening the distance so I can straighten my leg/extend my foot. I think now it’s more the tendons and ligaments that aren’t back to normal capacity. 

Then my right leg a few weeks ago got FOMO with plantar fasciitis. WTF! I woke up one morning with heel pain that later that morning I could only walk on tip toe. Youtube helped me out, buying new gym trainers helped as did the physio with needles (the anticipation pain of the second needle in my sole. Laughing crying face emoji). A week later it was gone. It’s back in every now and then but not to the inital pain level. My body’s letting me know, girl can you look after me a bit better please?!

New gym trainers, Nike Free TR (training) Flyknit 3! These are super comfy and perfect for my type of workouts. The soles are bendy/flexible which is great in moving planks, mountains climbers, bear crawls, lunges, ninja jumps. The black bit on the big toe provides extra stability/stickiness in planks. Plus for Nike they’re not in your face with the swoosh. I’m a little concerned for the material in the rain as it’s elastic that might go rigid. 

August flew by with the beach, picking up work, dips in the sea and trying to get to places on time or earlier in general. I’ve stopped giving the cats the recipe the vet recommended. They weren’t eating it and lost even more weight. Back to cooked chicken and kibble, they’re doing better. They’re due back for a check up blood tests in a few weeks, so I’m hoping inside everything is okay. Their coats are looking better so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Anyways, I’ll leave ya with photos. Yes, zoo photos. The only place at the moment I get to practice photography at the moment.

August Dawn

Back at the beginning of July this little one was close to its Mum. Now its more independent, but still following Mum. DSCF6871

As much as I like going to the zoo, sometimes it’s hard. The flamingo chicks have been testing their wings. Running and flapping for take off. This get the adults all worked up to fly with nearly the whole flock running for take off. Except they can’t. Their flight feathers have been clipped.

For about 2-3 weeks, around 17-18:00 clouds arrive blocking the sun. If you want to get to the beach for some sun, you have to go early. Late Summer sun. Please stay!

How was your August? Are you ready for September? Those in the southern hemisphere, you’re lucky. Spring and Summer’s coming!

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