Hasta Luego Summer

Running yesterday I felt something I haven’t felt in a while. Space!img_2585

Usually around the beginning or end of each season (take your pick), there’s a bad storm marking the change of season. Wind and rain in the winter, thunderstorms in the summer. The early hours of yesterday morning saw a massive thunderstorm and rain that went on for a few hours (I think, it kept waking me up!). Usually after rain during the night the beaches start to fill up a little later than usual. By midday they’re packed.

Mid August beach run viewimg_1730-1

Running on the beaches and paths yesterday felt a little different. Cooler thanks to the dip in temps (I didn’t admit that) and full of space as there were less people with their energy. The whole summer the beaches have been busy, however it wasn’t until yesterday I noticed how busy they’ve been. Fewer people out as they return to work or school, less people energy. There’s energy, there’s always energy, yesterday’s was a different kind. Otoño’s warm here until about early October, with the next few weeks gradually swapping shorts for leggings in the evenings, tanks for jackets, adding more layers. My favourite season’s slowly whispering see ya later.

Same beach yesterday img_2604

Cycling back late yesterday evening I noticed less people out. Even compared to last week there were less people. Okay, there was a thunderstorm a little earlier however people were back to wherever they go when the weather’s not so nice. During the winter cycling back late I can count on 2 hands the amount I people I see. A few runners, dog walkers and cyclists. Autumn/Fall’s saying hello and I’m thinking 6 months, 1 week and counting until Spring. 9 months until warm Summer returns.

1st beach, mid Julyimg_1363What marks the change of seasons where you are?