Forever Young

Age is just a number.

Happy Birthday Mr AJ, aka Angleous! 12 years old today! I still can’t believe that cute ball of ginger and white fluff that once fitted in the palm of my hands is now a 6.8kg cat. Him, his brother and I have been through everything together and they’ve always been there for me. Sometimes I ask myself how I got to be their Mama. AJ knows when I’m upset and need a hug, he hates the rain, swears at pigeons and likes nothing more than snuggling up to blankets and Mama.IMG_8689

Birthday tuna is completely out of the question this year. He’s still sporting his Elizabethan collar from his eye op. If you’ve ever given tuna to cats, you know they’ll spend the next 20 minutes washing. Drinking water at the moment results in a wet nose and he can only just clean his tail and back legs. I don’t feel it’s right to give him tuna when he can’t have a good washing session afterwards. As soon as the collar’s off, he’ll have an epic washing session and demand tuna!

I came across on CNN today Ernestine Shepherd, a 77 year old lady holding the Guinness Book Of Records title for the oldest female body building competitor at 74. She looks fantastic and only started working out at 56. Her secret? Exercise. She say’s it’s the best anti ageing happy pill there is! I couldn’t agree more and throw in a plant based diet. One of my students parents earlier this week couldn’t believe how old I’ll be next week. Actually most of the people can’t. They’ve always put me at 5/6 years younger. That’s okay with me to a point, I’ve always looked young for my age. It’s how I come across to people that I think puts me at a disadvantage. I said to Paul a few weeks ago I need to start acting my age and grow up, if I want to achieve my dreams, my goals. He asked me not to change too much, as then I wouldn’t be me. I rephrased for being more responsible. I am responsible, I’ve just always preferred to be a free spirit and see where life takes me. If I want to get moving with my dreams, I have to learn to be a sassy responsible free spirit and that’s fine with me!

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