Bralettes for Big Boobs

Bralettes have always been something of a dream for me. Pretty bras, bras you can walk into any shop find your size instantly and have a wide range of styling options are dreams. If you’re like me, you need an underwire and every bit of support you can get.

Up until a few years ago, I couldn’t get my band size of UK28F. I was lucky to find online a UK30 with limited options in design. I think it was Freya that started band 28’s followed by Panache however again, limited designs, cup types, all with fugly wide straps. I’m not petite height, however I’m a small size. I don’t want wide ugly straps or lace showing through tops! I don’t want either nipples showing through tops. Thankfully Panache started to make t-shirt bras, for DD+ with narrower straps. No nipples showing, no lace showing, no nipple pain in winter when the cold starts. I could also go back to wearing cami/strappy tops, knowing everything’s held in place. 

Sports bras my size were also up until a few years ago some thing of a dream. I think up until about 2010-11 I was wearing 3 I think Shock Absorber crop top bras to counter bounce running, working out. Yes, 3. Then Panache launched their underwire sports bra. I was so so so happy! Just 1 bra to wear working out in! Minimal bouce! I have to go up a cup as they run a little small. 

For anyone who wears underwired bras knows the feeling at the end of the day of wires digging in. Not necessarily digging in, more compression if a sports bra, the feeling of a corset with a normal underwire. The feeling taking it off at the end of the day is, ohhh so good. Much like the feeling putting it on in the morning, weight taken up! 

But sometimes, you want the support, you don’t want the underwire. You want the bra off, but not the weight of free fall (or movement). It wasn’t until watching a Iam Choquette Holiday Haul Faves Figleaves I found out Figleaves where I get most of my bras from make bralettes for bigger boobed girls! She too though couldn’t wear a bralette! I’ll also add Panache do the same underwire sports bra in a non underwire version. I wear this for teaching and climbing and always like how much more comfortable it is to wear. However for running or HITT, forget it. I need that underwire.

On her recommendation I purchased in Figleaves line Millie Lace Bralette in XS that fit up to an F cup. I was sceptical when it arrived if I’d fit in. I’ve  had XS sports bras before. They maybe filled just one cup. Support nah. According to Figleaves sizing guide an XS would fit. To my surprise it did! A little more ‘spillage’ to what I’m used to, but nothing major. The feeling I can only describe is like an anti gravitational light hug. Don’t expect to run and not bounce, but for end of the day underwire release around the house, or under a lower cut dress thanks to the deep back when you want support and don’t mind a little lace it’s so so comfy! I liked it so much I ordered another in pink. Also there’s no hooks, straps to alter.  

I also ordered that fits even better is Figleaves own Comfort Sleep Bra. I know how the name sounds. Little lady. I joked to P I’m getting old I don’t want underwires all the time! It doesn’t look much to look at, but again that end of the day anti gravitational anti free fall feeling, no underwire feeling of just comfiness is amazing! I was also sceptical the 30 would fit everything and it does. The fabric on both bralettes doesn’t irritate or itch.

Perhaps the best bit is the price. Any girl who’s bigger than a DD knows bras are expensive. An underwire is around £20/€27 only in the sales. That Panache sports bra, is around £40 or €44, although it’s worth every penny. The barrettes mentioned are under £20/€22.

Are you an underwire or an non underwire girl? I understand but never get entirely why some girls want big boobs. The options of what you can wear, style and buy can be limited.

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