Mini Road Trip Sitges

Some things change, things don’t change. About this time 9 years ago, I’d sorted out the house for the probably the 15th time for the removers as in a week I was to leave my life in the UK. Surrounded by boxes then. Surrounded by boxes now. This time unpacking them. The spare room is taking a lot longer than I anticipated to get straight, so I more than welcomed a trip out the city. I swear mini breaks, even for an afternoon somewhere different, playing tourist and explorer can be as refreshing as longer breaks. IMG_8978

Old town Sitges

Saturday as soon as workouts were done, chores blitzed, decided where to go and the motorbike loaded with lunch and beach stuff we headed to Sitges, a sea town 35 kilometres south from Barcelona. A mini Ibiza, has it’s own micro climate, 17 beaches of silky soft sand, warm sea and is home to Casa Barcardi (yep, the rum. Barcadi’s founding father Facundo Barcardi was born in Sitges).


First up, the beach. We’ve been a few times before so know that if you want a less noisy beach and more space, to walk about 10 minutes down the promenade. 4pm and the sun was still strong which was fine with us!


Beach siesta over, we walked up the promenade to the centre, through the old town. I always enjoy walking through old towns in the mediterranean. So much history and so many alleyways to get lost in! I didn’t enjoy the main shopping street. Narrow and crowded. Taking time out down some side streets, we found a vegan restaurant, with veggie burgers. I’ve somewhat made it my mission to find the best veggie burger. I’m still searching for that *one*.

Mini Palma, mermaids and 5th Avenue, a oneway person alleyway


Local beaches Sunday were nothing like Sitges. Coarse sand or not, I was out for the count. I’d ran earlier my longest distance yet, 12.5km. My body didn’t know what hit it. Only remedies, foam roller and sleep. And if you can sleep it off for an hour at the beach, even better. Though I felt rejuvenated for having been somewhere different, there was an all night beach party (David Guetta and Avicii so beach concert) down the road. Great dj’s who I think only stopped at the break of dawn. Man they were loud!


What type of towns do you like exploring? Do you prefer mini breaks or longer holidays?




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