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I swear in a previous life I lived somewhere in the tropics filled with coconuts, cocoa beans, honey and hibiscus flowers. Or maybe my ancestors did and coconuts are in my DNA. Either way, coconut might have been the fountain for youth that so many have searched for with it’s amazing properties used in cooking, medicinal and skin care. In WW2, when blood for transfusions was in low supply, young fresh coconut water was used as emergency blood plasma as it’s near identical to all human blood types. In Ayurvedic medicine originating from India, the coconut palm tree is referred to as ‘the tree which provides all necessities of life‘. Sound like the fountain of youth to me!

I’m not blessed with flawless, blemish free skin and I’m always looking for something that can help with adult acne and at the same time is anti ageing. Nutrition, water and sleep (ha!) play key parts. I’m beginning to recognise which foods are likely to make me break out. Mostly refined sugared processed foods, soya and nutritional yeast. I eat clean most of the time. Jelly beans creep in, that’s life. As every girl knows, it’s not just what you eat, but also what skin care you use also for healthy glowing skin. And we’re back to coconuts.IMG_0491

Alaffia, Everyday Coconut to be precise. I’ve been using their products for a month and am actually noticing improvement with skin tone and acne. Coconut oil in beauty products help prevent collagen breakdown, fight the wrinkles, firm up skin, promote new skin cells, and keep skin hydrated thanks to it’s antioxidant and anti bacterial properties. I’ll admit, around the same time I started using Everyday Coconut, I also started patting, slapping, patting with purpose, on serum, day and night cream rather than apply with fingers. The madness behind the pat, it stimulates blood circulation and energy levels, rejuvenating skin. One or a combination with the coconut is helping improve skin tone.

Everyday Coconut Face Wash.IMG_8363

As with all three products, they smell more lavender than coconut. The face wash removes all make up and eye make up (as does coconut oil) and I haven’t had any bad breakouts.

Everyday Coconut Face Toner. IMG_8368

Spritz on and leave to dry or gently wipe away with a cotton pad. Leaves my skin feeling refreshed and again no breakouts.

Everyday Coconut Night Face Cream.IMG_8537

I didn’t get on with this initially, but after a few days, it grew on me and it’s now one of my favourites. Moisturisers well and I can see improvement with texture and tone. The only downside it smells more lavender than coconut.

Everyday Coconut is part of Alaffia, which uses fair trade, certified organic coconuts from Togo with proceeds going towards long term community empowerment projects in the Togolese community. Products are vegan, not tested on animals, soy and gluten free. non gmo and contain no synthetic ingredients or parabens. The ingredient list for all three products is short, keeping things simple for my skin. Less ingredients, happy skin.


I found out about Everyday Coconut in a Tone It Up video and was intrigued to try them out. After researching, Everyday Coconut and buying options, I went with i herb an American natural skin care site that ships to Europe. All three products are great value, 354ml for $7.20/€5.36 each plus shipping and come well within Spanish import restrictions before tax and import duties.

I just love coconuts.

What’s your favourite skin care ingredient? What’s your skin care, anti ageing trick?

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