Bare Essentials

It’s liberating leaving the house with just keys, phone, purse (coin purse) and lip balm. No bag, no matter how small, no rucksack. My shoulders are unsure of what to do with themselves. I feel underdressed yet have a some sass in my step. Hands free and it’s a great feeling. Only for pop to the shop trips. Longer trips, I need my security blanket!

I got to enjoy yet another run under the midday sun. I’m not sure what’s happening for the past couple of runs, but I’ve been unable to get it together for a breakfast run. I’ve had it lucky that every time it’s been either overcast, cloudy or a strong breeze around. While it cuts me me some slack, it doesn’t let me off the hook! Running under the midday summer sun is generally not recommended, but sometimes it has to been done. If I run or train at night, I’m either too wired to sleep or can just about keep my eyes open over dinner. That’s if I make it as far as dinner. I might fall face first on the bed instead.

This morning’s 8.5km. Sky’s high in the sky.

So I suck up the sun, make sure I’m hydrated and take water. Usually a disposable 33cl or 50cl bottle that I reuse for a week and use water foundations. After a week the bottle’s crushed. It’s used as something to grip on to when the running gets tough. I can’t stand anything tied around my waist while running, so forget a hydration belt. Most other running bottles are too chunky to hold. I tired out Paul’s doughnut style running bottle (American doughnut shape) that allows the palm to go through the middle of the bottle. It was better, but his and nowhere sells it now. Last week in Decathlon, I got bit excited when I saw this baby. Kalenji bottle holder:

IMG_2560 IMG_2556 IMG_2542

It takes the weight out of holding the bottle and my hand doesn’t hurt from gripping the bottle so much. The cradle also works fine with smaller bottles for shorter runs. Everything is velcro-ed together and it hasn’t budged or chaffed yet. It also comes with purse big enough for keys and some change that velcro’s to the hand strap.IMG_2331

Running just got easier and as near hands free for me. For some reason, I have to hold something whether is a bottle, phone or lip balm running. I’d prefer not to, especially on trails when I need my hands if I trip, which I do. Any solutions for a hands free phone running holder that doesn’t move, bounce or fall out, but is easily accessible to whip out for photos welcome.

Never stop taking photographs. A photograph speaks many languages.

Are you a take the kitchen sink with you or just the essentials person? What’s your preferred time of day to run? I like to get workouts done and dusted for the day.





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