Moving Energy On

One picture frame, one watch, one door hinge, that was I what I broke on Monday alone. In the past week I’ve managed to break two watches, smash a jar of mustard (I didn’t like it any) and loose a pair of sunglasses. The house cleanse I wanted is happening, just not how I envisioned it.

Now the furniture has arrived and assembled, the cupboards are no longer used as an extension of the kitchen while Paul finishes a raw cuisine course, I can attack the last of the boxes. I’ve promised myself next time I move, I’m not moving with so much stuff. What’s the point of things being stowed away in a cupboard for years, only to be seen when I move. Somethings I have to save guard, some things are irreplaceable, but most of it can be recycled or reused by someone else. I can’t take things with me when I go and I’m sure the poor person doing the sorting won’t want it. I don’t want to be a contender for Hoarders either. So this time, I’m being a ruthless as I can, trying not to upset feelings.IMG_2499

When I moved to Spain from the UK, it wasn’t a 6 month suitcase affair, it was the whole house in a removal van as I knew I wasn’t going back. I cleansed then and on each move cleansed since. When I left home, my Mum gave me boxes of my favourite childhood toys, school reports and stocked the kitchen from her excess items. So you know where I get the can’t dispose it from. I feel I can breathe easier with less things around me and secretly hoping not all the ornaments survived the move. Makes that yes/no decision easier. Energy moves around easier with less clutter. Which brings me to my school reports.

I know why now, I used to dread my Dad coming home and reading them. I wasn’t bad student, a day dreamer (school wasn’t a happy place), didn’t apply myself as much as I could, handwriting’s bad (still is, somethings don’t change), quiet, later reports, good student, handwriting, needs to read work through, think more before hand. Anyways, I decided I didn’t want the negative energy in the house. They took me right back to being 7, 10, 15, 18, the loneliness, the introvert. So I did what anyone else in their sane mind probably wouldn’t do. I kept the 2 glowing reports from my English teacher in my last years of high school and the rest took outside to the paper recycling bin. I saved a tree instead.