Bright Shorts

I had a little too much fun this morning at gym try out number 4. Especially with the BOSU. I haven’t used one in about 3 years, mostly as I’ve been training at home in that time. Since I’ve been trying out gyms to join this week, I’m making up for lost time. Today I rocked out on the BOSU travelling press ups with a leg extension. They were a lot easier than lunge hops dome side up! By the 3rd set, I’d got my balance back.IMG_3334Gym 4 might be a contender for gym membership, apart from the fact it doesn’t have one of my favourite pieces of gym equipment, medicine balls. What?! That’s one piece of equipment I use a lot. Space at peak times might be an issue, but it was clean, the staff friendly and members get discounts in various sports shops. As I’ve been doing all week, I took my own resistance bands and suspension trainer as I never know what equipment’s there or have to wait while someone else uses them. It does in a way defeat going.


Up until last year, I would never have thought I’d be working out in shorts in the summer (please note, it’s not in my nature of taking post workout selfies, especially in the changing room. For shorts purposes only I did!). I’ve always been a legging girl. Leggings and heat don’t mix. In the past year there’s been an explosion of affordable colourful sportswear and I’ve taken advantage of it, especially shorts. I swear wearing bright colours working out boost energy levels. Ironically, out of gym wear I prefer to wear basic colours and look for different textures, cuts within neutral colours. I accent with colour, mostly bracelets. Sometimes keeping it simple pulls everything together. IMG_3327

And keeping it simple, I’ve said next time moving, I’m not moving with so many boxes. In the past month I’ve gradually been going through the last of the boxes. Today I tackled my high school and college art folder. I’ve no idea why I’ve been dragging it across 3 countries, but I have. I’ve probably only looked inside 5 times since sixth form, today being one of them. I kept 10%, recycled the rest and solved the mystery of why I got such a low grade. Painting never has been my thing. Some energy is good to keep and some energy is good to let go and recycle.

Do you wear bright colours working? Do they give you an energy boost?

Moving Energy On

One picture frame, one watch, one door hinge, that was I what I broke on Monday alone. In the past week I’ve managed to break two watches, smash a jar of mustard (I didn’t like it any) and loose a pair of sunglasses. The house cleanse I wanted is happening, just not how I envisioned it.

Now the furniture has arrived and assembled, the cupboards are no longer used as an extension of the kitchen while Paul finishes a raw cuisine course, I can attack the last of the boxes. I’ve promised myself next time I move, I’m not moving with so much stuff. What’s the point of things being stowed away in a cupboard for years, only to be seen when I move. Somethings I have to save guard, some things are irreplaceable, but most of it can be recycled or reused by someone else. I can’t take things with me when I go and I’m sure the poor person doing the sorting won’t want it. I don’t want to be a contender for Hoarders either. So this time, I’m being a ruthless as I can, trying not to upset feelings.IMG_2499

When I moved to Spain from the UK, it wasn’t a 6 month suitcase affair, it was the whole house in a removal van as I knew I wasn’t going back. I cleansed then and on each move cleansed since. When I left home, my Mum gave me boxes of my favourite childhood toys, school reports and stocked the kitchen from her excess items. So you know where I get the can’t dispose it from. I feel I can breathe easier with less things around me and secretly hoping not all the ornaments survived the move. Makes that yes/no decision easier. Energy moves around easier with less clutter. Which brings me to my school reports.

I know why now, I used to dread my Dad coming home and reading them. I wasn’t bad student, a day dreamer (school wasn’t a happy place), didn’t apply myself as much as I could, handwriting’s bad (still is, somethings don’t change), quiet, later reports, good student, handwriting, needs to read work through, think more before hand. Anyways, I decided I didn’t want the negative energy in the house. They took me right back to being 7, 10, 15, 18, the loneliness, the introvert. So I did what anyone else in their sane mind probably wouldn’t do. I kept the 2 glowing reports from my English teacher in my last years of high school and the rest took outside to the paper recycling bin. I saved a tree instead.


Run, El Born and Gym List

One of the things I love about summer is that early morning buzz of a hot day ahead. The air’s still cool, the light’s beautiful and few people are out.IMG_1715

That’s just how my run was this morning. 7.5km before breakfast and an osteopath appointment. I definitely appreciated the coolness this morning as by midday, the sun was hot wondering around El Born. I used to live in the neighbourhood and it’s one of my favourite areas in Barcelona, so I always love wondering around it’s alleyways when I can.IMG_8564

IMG_8593The furniture is finally up! It took Paul about a day and a half to assemble. I helped when I could and started unpacking the remaining boxes. Unpacking is going to take longer than anticipated. Much of what’s in them has been stored away in boxes for three years and I’m asking myself, did I really buy this? Really, why did I buy this? Do I need it? Am I keeping it? Do I need to keep it?

The cat’s aren’t particularly bothered by the boxes. They’re currently in some sort of soft furnishing heaven right now.IMG_1783

I have a question for any gym goers. What do you look for when joining a gym? I’m considering rejoining one and have checked a few out, however none of them live up to my old one, which I may rejoin, despite the distance. On my list is:

How clean is it? Does the air conditioning smell? Are the changing rooms clean? Showers clean?

What equipment do they have? I’m not bothered about machines. I’ll use a cable and pull up bar if it’s there one and leave the machines to the muscle packers. I look for instead what functional, play equipment they have like: fit balls, bosu, medicine balls, resistance bands, suspension straps/trx etc. The fun equipment.

What state is the equipment in, how many do they have? I don’t want to wait to use something or have someone waiting to use equipment when in a circuit. You can’t hog equipment, no one likes that.

Is there space to burpee, squat jump, press up, skip in?

When are the busy periods? I don’t like someone muscling in on my space when I’m doing plank kicks.

The price. I’m not bothered by names of gyms. If it has what I want and space to dance around in I’m happy.

Do they have aerobic salsa or Zumba classes? That’s one class where I can dance my cares away.

The feel of the place, the atmosphere. Again, I’m not bothered by names or exclusivity of the gym. Some gyms are frosty like their air conditioning, so cold you can’t work up a sweat. Others are sand and sawdust and full of life. I sweat, workout, train like a beast, look like a beauty and happily chat away when I’m finished.

Is there anything you’d add to the list? What’s number one on your list? One reason why I’d like to rejoin is the social aspect. Working out at home has it’s advantages, but you don’t meet people!

The First 10 Days.

600 miles down the road, another country and 10 days later France already seem like a distance memory. If things aren’t currently or reality happening right now, what was last week can seem like a life time ago. Living in the moment, making the best out of every situation are our lives we know it. Balancing out a daily routine at the moment is proving to be tricky!

Placa CatalunyaIMG_9298

In true Tanner/Airey style we moved ourselves. Time was short and it worked out cheaper to hire a van, pack the apartment up and go compared to removal quotes. The whole house loaded in a 20m3 truck. It was slightly embarrassing to see how much two humans and two cats have accumulated over time. A lot was from storage and you bet we’re having a big sort out unpacking! We spent day the previous loading the truck with help from two yacht day workers most of the house and storage. All that was left on moving day was the last minute house items and last clean that took longer than anticipated. We ended up leaving Antibes behind schedule to collect the keys the other end, which was actually a good thing as it took the pressure off the 600 miles! We stopped overnight at a pet friendly hotel in Girona, Hotel Costabella before setting off mid morning for the last hour drive to Barcelona.

View from my old kitchen windowIMG_7290

The cats did great. D started singing whenever we went over 90 kmph and AJ just took it all in. D, I worked out was happy to have his box open and sit on my lap every now and then while Aj was content to stay in his box, eat turkey slices and mouth off at me every and then. Paul did all the driving and I was assigned the my usual role of toll b*tch. Paul must have secret alertness powers as the day after we unloaded the truck, he drove it back to France and the following day rode his motorbike down the Spain. I fell asleep 4 hours in.

Hotel Costabella, GironaIMG_8994

The unloading took about 7 hours of just us two, a lift (a lift!), peanut butter sandwiches and peanuts. 7 hours of deadlifts, squats, cleans, presses, rows, upright rows and bicep curls. Just what I train for! Knackered afterwards didn’t even start to described it! It took about 5 days until I started to feel normal and that’s with workouts and yoga! As soon as the loading was done, we popped down the road treating ourselves to a hot dinner of wok veggies and a much appreciated cerveza!

It’s surreal to be back. Somethings in the city have changed, others have remained same. Time works very different to France here. Unlike before when we lived here, we’re not in the city centre and have new surroundings to explore. It gets darker later which confuses me and places are open later, a lot later! Getting into the centre can take as long as it took to drive to Nice and we’re still in Barcelona! I’m working out which bike routes are the quickest in and out. For now it’s the sea path and I’m happy with that! One thing for sure is that I’m going to have legs of steel from cycling everywhere!

Cycle path into the centre


New running route along rio Besos
My Mum says never go back. I can see this now. It’s still great to be back and this time around we’re making sure we explore outside the city and more of Catalonia it’s self. I’d love to say that we’ve had time for beach siestas alias, the weather hasn’t been in our favour. We’ve been busy unpacking, furniture hunting (walking around Ikea is a workout in itself, albeit a boring one after half and hour and we spent 3 hours walking around. We left with just candles and a toilet brush!! Ha! We’ll order on line the rest.), finding running routes and waiting for internet installation. That wait was worth it: fibre optic, can do everything faster than you can snap your fingers!

Have a great weekend!




Moving house is a great excuse to declutter. I’m going by the rule, if I haven’t missed it, thought about or used it in over a year, it’s out. Well, I’m trying to stick the that rule. Sentiment gets in the way. I have been good in that I haven’t collected many ornaments and trinkets since our last big move 2 years ago. I can’t believe how much we’d acclimated on that move! It was slightly embarrassing how much 2 people and 2 cats can hoard have. This is the 4th move in 3 years and I said to myself on the 2nd one, I don’t want to keep moving with so much junk so have kept (Paul may disagree) acclimation low. We’ve still to start on the storage unit. *Gulp*

We should know next week at least which country we’ll be in. It all depends on developments this week. As it’ll be crazy, last minute when we do move, we’ve started packing and sorting out now. It’s liberating not being surrounded by so many things. I can breathe and think clearly. The room with all the boxes feels like it’s closing in. Evaluating sentimental value is work in progress. People have spend time and money choosing presents for me and it’s hard to let them go even if they’re not to my taste. I end up keeping them. Family heirlooms can be tricky. Fortunately most of the ladies in my family had great taste and I can use them today.

Aside from packing this week, I tested out my new workout mat. I’m fussy when it comes to workout mats and this one past. My last one was moving around a lot so I picked one up from Decathlon at the weekend when we went for a bicycle pannier. Like the last one, it’s for guaranteed 2 years of normal usage. Normal usage. The last one lasted just a year of workouts. Yoga practice has its own mat, a no longer produced $20 Lululemon mat. I’ve searched and searched for a similar one and come up empty handed. It’ll be a sad day when I have to replace it.IMG_7731

Monday afternoon we went for a much needed bike ride and stopped off to explore the rocks. The weather here is crazy. One day warm and sunny, the next grey and cloudy. Not that it bothers the cats. Sun spots are preferred for sleeping but any soft furnishing will do.


For some reason Tuesday, I didn’t enjoy my workout. Usually working out takes my mind off problems. Not today. You’d think I’d be a dab hand at packing and moving by now but there’s a lot that goes into it! Errands were made easier with my bikes new boot (trunk for non Brits). The osteopath last year banned me from rucksacks and with beach weather coming up, I wanted a rear pannier for my bag. I don’t know why I’ve never had one before! I’ve had front baskets in the past however they usually ended up being other peoples rubbish bins (a used nappy stands out in particular), that I stopped using them.


All the packing must be making me feel lighter not just mentally but physically. I ran a little later than planned this morning and caught the midday sun (something I’d never do from June-September). I’m not yet re-accustomed/re-climaitaised to the warmer weather and thought that I’d feel the heat and have a less than good run. I was wrong, it was a good run made easier with a breeze coming back!

7km through Port VaubanIMG_7873Walking back home. Another view I’ll miss.IMG_7885

 Do you feel better after decluttering? What are your declutter rules?